115 - Modern (Cow)girl

Skirt - Courtesy of GiGi Vintage, Camisole - Forever 21, Boots - Steve Madden, Hat - Vintage, Belt - Vintage, Jewelry - All Over

My wonderful friend Ceilidh took these pictures at her house. Her house is adorable! It's got this gorgeous 60s modern thing going on. She is absolutely adorable, too. I felt kind of guilty for dressing so much like a cowboy -- I clashed with her gorgeous apartment! Here she is at home in her natural environment (she fits in much better than I do):

Adorbz, right? I love that gal. We have known each other for 10 years now.

Also, in case you missed my runway reviews over on the Crossroads blog, here they are:


Altuzarra’s Spring line looks like it was designed for the hot illegitimate lovechild of Cher from Clueless and Winona Ryder. It’s tough enough that you might be intimidated at first glance, but bizarre enough that it adds a sense of whimsy to the whole ordeal, like maybe the Altuzarra girl would pull you aside in Home Room and say, “Wanna go smoke candy cigarettes in the bathroom?” Yes, Altuzarra girl. Yes, I do.

Charlotte Ronson
Charlotte Ronson managed to take the small town suburban look of the Ghost World comic and make it look really SoHo. I didn’t realize it until now, but I think my entire aesthetic process has been an attempt to do exactly that. Thank you, Char-Ron, for showing me exactly what I’ve been trying to do all of these years!

Cynthia Rowley
Cynthia Rowley managed to combine my favorite parts of California and New York into one collection. It’s all very sidewalk-grit-meets-Golden-Coast, and for some inexplicable reason, it makes me want to drink a Diet Coke out of a gilded crazy straw. I don’t know why… I don’t even drink Diet Coke.

Karen Walker
Karen Walker! You just blew my mind! I have never felt the need to wear a blazer before this moment, but now I feel the need to wear them everywhere. With shorts! And turbans! And socks! And oxfords!  Oh, and all of it should probably be printed in some way!

Nicholas K
What are you guys doing this weekend? I was planning on riding a winged coyote out to the desert to play guitar on top of a prehistoric rock. You can come, too, but mesh leggings are required.

Rebecca Minkoff
Rebecca Minkoff makes it look so easy to be awesome. Having Leandra Medine – The Man Repeller herself! – walk your runway helps, too. Can I be invited to the Cool Girl Party, too, Rebecca? Huh? Can I? Please?

Huh? (But like a good “huh?” maybe?)

Anna Sui
Anna Sui’s Spring line is one part rockabilly, one part gypsy, one part Tavi Gevinson, and one part…well…Anna Sui. I think that if John Waters were to make a Cry Baby-esque movie about a precocious thirteen-year old girl who wanted nothing more than to leave Baltimore to go to clown college, Anna Sui would definitely costume it.

Imitation of Christ
Oh, Imitation of Christ. I love how predictably wacky you are, like we can count on you to make us scratch our heads. Your remade-vintage runway show was set up to be a mock wedding, with all of the models serving as bridesmaids and groomsmen? Well of course it was. Why wouldn’t it be?

Jeremy Scott
Finally, a runway collection my grandmother would understand! She would be really excited that Elly May Clampett from The Beverly Hillbillies took up work as a professional go-go dancer. Good for her!

Rodarte apparently decided to dress space-aged Stepford wives this season.

3.1 Phillip Lim
I feel like 3.1 Phillip Lim and I have been BFFs for years, but now we’re at this super-sad stage in our lives where it just seems really apparent that we are going in different directions.  Like, maybe 3.1 Phillip Lim found a rich husband in Manhattan and wants to settle down and do Sunday brunches, but I’m still living in Los Angeles and working part-time as a “PR Specialist” while waiting for my band to really make it. I thought we wanted the same things out of life! I thought we wanted leather jackets and witty dresses and rock-and-roll-chic and California glamour. Apparently, though, you just want to hang out with your new BFF Marni and make pastel-colored boxy things in which I really have no interest. I am destroying our friendship bracelets.

Alexander Wang
Alexander Wang, I have given up trying to understand everyone’s obsession with you. Okay, I get it, you’re like “sporty cool jock rock” and everything has athletic mesh paired with zippers.  You know what though? I never really cared much for basketball…or football…or baseball. Might you have any other tricks up your sleeve, or is it only wrist guards and elbow pads under there?

Proenza Schouler
I have been so perplexed by Proenza Schouler lately that I would really give anything to hear their thought processes when planning these collections. What was the inspiration behind Spring 2012? 1980s entry-level office worker gets a bit “spunky”?

Rachel Comey
Rachel Comey’s new line broke my heart a little bit. It’s just not….it’s just so…it’s just the sound “hm” put into looks, I guess. Also, are those topless bucket hats? I don’t even know what’s going on here.
all images from style.com

Forgot to mention that I met the wonderful Marie of The Maven Post in person! She is just as beautiful as you would imagine (like, seriously, jaw-dropping) and twice as sweet as you would hope. Here is a pic of her and Brit and me at Telltale Hearts!


  1. Love your skirt. And your friend's apartment is so cute~ as is she.

    Cynthia Rowley's collection was probably one of my favorites for the Spring, I love the construction of her pieces. I also really liked Vivienne Westwood's at London FW.
    xx maggie

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  3. Your friend's house is AMAZING. I totally love it and she is a cutie patutie. I also now know that she takes FABULOUS pictures. These are some of the best pics of yours I've ever seen! I love everything about this post!

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  7. Really astute yet charming runway commentary. I agree with pretty much everything you wrote. Charlotte Ronson is seriously on to something.

  8. You look BEAUTIFUL!!! Your friend's home is great, I'd love for you to take us on a tour of your own!

  9. You guys look so pretty. I was also NOT into Phillip Lim which surprised me because I'm usually way into his stuff. But IDK, some of the A. Wang dresses I thought were really cool but my roommate hated his collection probably more than life so maybe I'm insane.

  10. you look awesome!!!!!!! i wana see your house too!


    Meena ♥

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    it's called marianilsdotter.com (it's a swedish brand) so if you're interested you can find amazing jewerely there!<3

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