118 - Tutorials! Outfit Post! Exclamation Marks!

Jacket/Shirt Thing - Thrifted Vintage, Shorts - Thrifted Vintage Cut-Offs, Tank Top - Alternative Apparel, Boots - Thrifted Vintage, Big Cuff - JFR, Crystal Necklace + Amethyst Prism Ring - Unearthen, Tooth Ring(!) and Talon Earring - Courtesy of Little Sister Designs by Charlotte Burkhart

Anyone who follows me on Chictopia or Lookbook probably already read that shortly after these photos were taken, I suffered heat exhaustion and nearly passed out. I must just constantly be one breath short of death or something. Getting out into the woods was a nice temporary change of scenery, though. These photos were taken in Griffith Park, which houses the observatory where Rebel Without a Cause was filmed/set. It's high up in the mountains and you can look over all of Los Angeles proper. It almost makes LA look beautiful...almost.

This outfit is just a generic comfy hippie-girl outfit, but the real focal point of this post is the amazing jewelry that Charlotte Burkhart sent me. Her jewelry line is called Little Sister Designs, and it is beyond rad. 

I love supporting women owned and operated small businesses, and Charlotte sure does make it easy to endorse her work. Obviously, her designs are remarkably unique and eerily gorgeous, but she also uses fine materials (sterling silver). When it's made out of precious metals, jewelry just seems like something more than a fashion accessory; I think of it as more of a collectable heirloom (dear future grandchildren: you'd better appreciate my collection of spooky macabre beautiful jewelry; otherwise, consider yourselves disowned). Just like with vintage clothing, you're collecting art. My most cherished pieces are the ones from Konstantino (for whom I work), Unearthen (for whom Brit works), Virgins Saints and Angels, and now Little Sister Designs. I think that's why jewelry is the only thing besides shoes that escapes my $30 rule. I tend to splurge on it.

The packaging Charlotte uses for Little Sister Designs (abbreviated LSD) is just so gorgeous that I thought I would share it with you.

Beautiful packaging, right? Also, Charlotte was kind enough to offer my blog readers 25% off anything in her store.

Now that I have gushed like a crazy person, I want to reiterate how partnerships work with my blog, just so you know when you're being sold to and when I'm just being a bizarre fangirl. I have wonderful, kind sponsors that pay for advertising space on my sidebar. If I work closely with a women-owned small business, I will sometimes offer them free advertising space. I like to see my ladies succeed. I also have wonderful, kind sponsors who send me clothing and goodies gratis. I only accept clothing that I actually love and would, myself, purchase, and that I am excited to share with you. Those free gifts are always noted "Courtesy Of". The last piece of the puzzle is my written blog content. No write-ups or product features (like this one, or like the previous post on shoes, etc.) are ever purchased or expected. I only write about companies, brands, and products that truly interest me, and all write-ups are completely unsolicited. So, right now? I'm just gushing like a loony bird because I was really excited to show you the cool stuff this cool girl is making. I hope that helps keep things transparent! You can always email me, too, if you're curious.

Last but not least, I have two new tutorials! One chronicles my adventures in home Kool Aid hair dye. It is really poorly-edited, so apologies in advance for awkward quick cuts. Also, I have a tendency to slip into accents. Ignore that. The next provides a few helpful tips for winged eyeliner, based on reader requests. I hope you enjoy!

Kool-Aid Chronicles

Winged Eyeliner Tips
Look at the awesome derp face that my thumbnail froze on.

Oh, guys? Thanks for being so incredibly nice to me and stuff. If ever I can return the favor, you just let me know, okay?


  1. haha that ring is kinda creepy but still awesome ;)


  2. that ring is awesome! i would love to get something like that.

    xx maggie

  3. I've seen her jewelry line on Etsy too, but I haven't seen her work on anyone before, I love this particular tooth ring, almost the same style as the Unearthen prism ring, awesome and unusual. And to think, they're real teeth too ! Now thats a collectible :)

  4. I can't stand the heat that much either...

    And by the way, I love your hair, I had it pink this summer but I decided to go back to my regular blonde, but lately I've been thinking about trying another colour, and this lavender would be a great choice!

  5. Your talon necklace is so beautiful! I'm sure your future grandchildren will be stoked to inherit it.

    I must say I love your videos. They were so informative and funny! I'd love to see more videos from you!

  6. wow, that jewelry is to die for!

  7. I love your videos. you are the cutest person ever. ever.

    & a tooth ring?! that is so good.

  8. eee your videos! looove them. I don't wear make up very much, but I wish I was good at putting it on, so I may try your tips.. I like how your hair turned out a lot. I think the mermaid colors look awesome. I really like how it looks in the pictures on this post, did you dye the roots again? either way your whole head of hair looks amazing. and that jewelry is basically amazing. love. love. love.

  9. (also I agree with Alison, you should do more videos!!!)

  10. You are so stylish,your accessories are fantastic..following,:D
    romwe streetfashion,

  11. great outfit!! i love your hair and amazing accessories <3

  12. nice outfit :D
    I'll definitely will following you if you follow me :D
    Decimal Shoes

  13. Your tutorials are great, as is your jewelry and hair. And DO NOT be embarrassed, I had a ton of fun that day. Seriously... though you did miss some funny things happening to me in the beer tent including being awkwardly approached by one of the BAREFOOT dudes...

  14. So happy about those tutorials! Thank you. I will attempt more eyeliner finesse now.

    ALSO, the evolution of the mermaid hair is fan-frickin-tastic.

  15. That tooth ring is just insane! I saw it and was like "are those really teeth??" And yes. Yes they are. LOL x x


  16. My gosh you are super cute when you do your tutorials. Always look forward to those! btw, gorgeous thrifted top, i wish i had such nice cheap finds.

    stay gorgeous

  17. My sweet lord, I think I have to buy those earrings as soon as my next paycheck lands. Those things are just amazing.

    I'm so thrilled that you posted the kool-aid tutorial. I hope to get my roots done and hair lightened up in about a week, so I can now start thinking on what colour I want to use! (Or, rather, flavour? By the way, did your hair smell like grape conditioner when you were through, or did it not with the mixture being sugar free?)

    Though I had never been tempted to try the winged eyeliner technique, after seeing the video, I may just try it out -- and by that, I mean see if it's compatible with pencil eyeliner. I'm sure it's not, but the end result could be pretty hilarous.

  18. You are one of the coolest person I have seen.. The kool aid color, the outfits and your bad-ass attitude LOVE IT!

    Gonna repost your tutorials on my blog, hope thats okey :)

    Berglind, Iceland

  19. it may be, that youve got the most beautiful legs ive ever seen. *__*

  20. outfit is great and on videos you seems to be a very nice and interesting person,Madeline!


  21. Oh Madeline...why can't you live closer to me so we can be best friends and shop lol? Seriously you're rad and the type of girl this town is lacking. I sound so lesbian right now but I swear I'm not. Moving on. Love the outfit of course, and the jewelry. I didn't know you worked for Konstantino! So majorly jealous, as the jewelry is amazing. And I totally agree about supporting small women owned businesses. That's why I love etsy so much. I'll be launching my vintage store soon, so maybe you can support me as well, lol.

    Love the tutorials, was considering kool aid for my shredded wheat oven dried hair. we'll see.

    Beneath the Glass

  22. Kool Aid effect looks very Kool on you!

  23. Tanks for posting a tutorial! Maybe you could do a post on your favourite music/artists/bands? Would be nice to know what you listen to :)

  24. love the eyeliner vid.... very helpful tips :)


  25. ahhh. the tooooof ring..... mmmmm

  26. I loooooove your hair! Makes me want to go purple again this week! And that jewellery is just amazing! AND, thanks for the tutorials!


  27. Madeline I love your tutorials! You crack me the eff up and I think you would be awesome to hang out with. I enjoy the way your mind runs off on awesome tangents.

    Congrats on the Kool-aid hair, I think it looks rad. I have yet to take the Kool-Aid plunge before but maybe, thanks to your tutorial, I will try it one day.

    Keep being awesome! :)

  28. Jewelry! Videos! Amazingness!

    Life would probably never suck with you around. You're so smart and fun and just...perfect.

    I can't even.

  29. Again, you are way too cool for life, ms. madeline.


  30. i have never been an advocate for kool aid until right now. and thank you for the eyeliner tips! i feel it necessary now for me to take pictures of my "drunk eyes" and send them to you. just because.

  31. lawllll you rule though.

  32. get some more clothes on. nobody wants to see your entire leg like that.

  33. Thanks anon! Next time it is over 100 degrees outside and I am suffering from heat exhaustion, I will wear a full latex body stocking so that nobody is offended by my unsightly body. GASP! A leg (just one?)! The HORROR!