119 - The day I wore a costume out in public.

I pretty much made a costume instead of an outfit. I just had all these super 60s hippie things and I felt compelled to put them all together. It just made sense, is all. I've got three sponsors in this outfit, two of which are companies owned by some really nice ladies, so I encourage you to peruse at your leisure San Francisco-based Dolls Kill and Sweden-based Monekystore (I took the liberty of making that link go straight to a sweater I love). The Nine West boots were for a collab with Lookbook. I logged into Lookbook yesterday to post my look and these boots were repeating in the background. Boot, boot, boot. That boot is enjoying the limelight right now, let me tell you! It's like a little boot celebrity and all of it's boot friends from back home are kinda jealous and they sit around and quote Morrissey to one another, "It should have been me. It could have been me. Everybody knows! Everybody says so."

Also, everyone on Lookbook was using the word sexy to describe these pictures. That is a word that has never been used to describe my appearance. Usually I hear "androgynous", "funny", "weird", or just the sound "ehhhh..." Lesson? Ladies, wear denim underwear with knee-high boots and you will be hawwwwt. Instant babe magnet. The babes will, however, probably be gay men and straight girls, so I'm not sure how far it will get you romantically.

I am now going to leave you with some pretty pictures. The gal who runs the blog Ramble On was sweet and reposted my Kool Aid hair tutorial, so I stumbled on over to take a gander at her blog. It's all in Icelandic, so even Google Chrome's auto translate was kinda, "Wha?" but it has a lot of very pretty pictures, including these photos taken by a rad London-based lady photographer Saga Sig.

Did your brain explode from overwhelming AWESOMENESS?

Go check out:


  1. I love this outfit! I think this looks like a bit of a Coachella outfit, I'm in love with that shirt.

  2. hell yes!! those pictures just blew my mind!! awesome post..and your outfit is killer as well. Never get over how cool your look is

  3. Agreeing with Emerald City Girl; I could totally see this outfit at Coachella.


  4. I am so excited that it's getting pretty cold here in LA so it's time to take out my 80's(wishing I have a 60's version too) Fringe jacket. I need to get a fringe vest too! Love the look :)

  5. hawwwt. haha. You look good! I like those boots fa sho. And your hat is really cool. Those pictures are gorgeous!

  6. Love it! Those photos are too awesome for words! xx

  7. madeline you define sexy fo sho. not just because of the rad denim diaper & boots that make you look like a 6 foot model babe, but because you talk about shiz & address issues & make people think. not to mention you seem like one of the kindest people I've never met.

    & making up fictional talking boots that quote morrissey just totally push you to the top of the sexy babe meter.

  8. Loving this look on you, the hat tops it!
    Also I loved your tutorial videos

  9. those photos are EPIC. jeez. So glad you shared the love in the blog land. I am DIGGIN these photos - inspiration for days. And I hope they give me crazy gypsy Indian warrior woman dreams.

    I dig!

  10. Wow babe, thanks so much for checkin´ out my blog .. And oh yeah Saga is truly amazing and talented photographer. Her name is also very fitting for her because Saga means story (hence the heading "Neverending Story" on her blog) and all her photos do have this dreamy fantasy story to them..

    And yeah I am aware that our icelandic language is, well, a bit to hard to chew on. For that reason (and also that we are only a population of 330.000) I am amazed that Google even has a translation option for icelandic :p But just so you get the right translation I wrote about you, here´s the english version;

    "Jean Greige is one of the coolest people I have seen. Really Bowie-esk.
    She has a personal, daring and unique style and it seems she is able to adopt any style, any piece of clothing, jewelry and hairstyle and make it look rockin amazing"

  11. Ah, Monkeystore? I know that one...the owner of the shop had told me she was going to send me some free clothes and kind of bailed at the last minute by not responding to my emails. I figured maybe it was a scam but apparently not. (It's a shame, because I really love the clothes on that site, but with the way she handled our situation, I could never feel comfortable with buying from her shop.)

    Those photos are absolute magic! Gosh, especially the second photo. That how I usually want to dress on most days but never have the guts to (or the clothes, actually).

    Also, I am really loving your hair. I'm not sure if you're still thinking of cutting it -- if so, you'll still look awesome -- but it looks really awesome like this. Kind of looks like a lion's mane, you know?

  12. woaah I've seen almost all your posts and I love your blog, your style inspires me.
    Check my blog if you want:

  13. I love your outfit!! Wish it was warm over here to wear it!!

  14. you look nice, i love your shirt ♥

  15. I think it is a cool look...we wear the normal costumes everyday..lol

  16. amazing outfit doll everything works perfectly together loving those boots xoxo

  17. i love everything about this outfit, especially the shirt!