120 - End of Summer

My boyfriend definitely gave me a hard time for borrowing this scarf. I'm sure you can guess the story...it tends to happen a lot. A couple of years ago, he used to wear this on his head all the time. Evidence:
That's the boyfriend forever-and-a-day ago. That picture was taken by Jason Lee Parry, who used to be boyfriend's roommate. So, whenever he would wear this stupid headscarf, I would tease him mercilessly. I thought it was so stupid. Lo and behold, years later, I'm getting dressed in another strange hippie outfit, and what do I see? That stupid scarf, hanging onto the edge of a mirror as a decorative element. "You," I thought. "You stupid scarf are going to be rad with this outfit, and boyfriend is going to love to make fun of me for wearing you." 

My good friend Ceilidh took these pictures. You remember seeing her, surely, here and/or here? I thought she looked really good and Pulp Fiction-y, so I took pictures of her, too. Dig those shoes!
That's her with my dog, Mo-Dog. They are total buddies. Ceilidh and her boyfriend pretty much live the dream. He is in a moderately successful band, The Airborne Toxic Event (named after a chapter in a great DeLillo book). She works merch for the band and they get to travel the world together. Rad, right? They are on tour now until December and I already miss Ceilidh greatly! She is a fellow K-Town dweller.

Okay, okay. I wanted to share with you a couple of shots taken by Sarah Jehan:
I basically just want every floral dress in the world. I want to wear a floral dress and comfortable boots every day of my life. Wait until you see my next post...I'll be wearing a floral dress that is from Tunnel Vision, the upcoming webshop over which Brit and I have been toiling. It is the coolest dress ever. Also, spoiler alert, I took out my extensions after the above photos were taken. I had a horizontal dreadlock from being unable to brush between the extensions and my scalp.

EDIT: I just realized that Chicwish has started doing something new where every week, they rotate different new arrival items to be featured at 10% off. You can see those special sale items here. I don't think I've ever seen someone put new items on sale, but I gotta say, I'm lovin' the idea.

EDIT EDIT: Hung out with Taylor from Things on Hangers today. She is hot and well-dressed and stuff.


  1. Those floral dresses are gorgeous! And I love your outfit -- those shoes are so cool.

    xx maggie

  2. wow! you look so rad, I love it!


  3. Thats hysterical about the scarf headband, Im sure the boyfriend must've been like " Ah I see how stupid my scarf is now !". It looks super on you and goes so well with your adorable hippie outfit. Love how your ends went violet ! its like your hair secretly knows the latest trends.

  4. Another great post! I want to raid your jewelry collection!

    -Your loyal fan,

  5. asdjkl I don't know why, but this post made me extremely happy. Photo of boyfriend in the same scarf? Pulp fiction? Your dog??? Love everything.
    ALSO. Airborne Toxic Event? When you say they are moderately successful, then I am moderately in love with them. I am going to visit K-town more often because everything there just looks so cool.

  6. yes, yes! floral, plaid, denim, sweaters, boots.. '90s love. Your friend's shoes are cool and those pictures with your dog are too adorable! Ceilidh is a cool name, but I am not sure how to pronounce it..
    anyways, you look wonderful as usual! Your claw earrings are so rad!! And I like your boyfriend's scarf tooo!

  7. I used to glue in extensions haha, that was always fun to get out...
    you look great, those shoes are extremely awesome!


  8. I love your hair like that, the scarf is great. Your friend has a great bob too :)

  9. You're looking good! The hair with the fringed vest is amazing, you always have the most beautiful jewellery! x

  10. I love how your hair looks like feathers in these pictures. (;

  11. wow, your boyfriend has some groovy style. you have the best mermaid hair i have ever seen! and as always i love all your inspiring accessories.


  12. first off, love the scarf and the whole outfit, the shoes are rad too. second, isn't that how fashion goes? you say, "I wouldn't be caught dead in that" then next thing you know, you're opening your mouth wider to fit your other foot in. luckily i stay open to everything in hopes of avoiding such situation, hah. and your friend looks awesome, i love the whole rockabilly vibe. and i'm so on bored with floral dresses and combat boots, with a flannel of course. the whole 90's grunge revival is calling my name. been on the lookout for THE perfect floral dress....let me know if you come across any. can't wait to see yours. and your shop! when do you think it'll be up?

    and so jealous you met Taylor- she's so freaking gorgeous it's unreal and unfair.

    Beneath the Glass

  13. Couldn't be more jealous of your friend, Ceilidh and her boyfriend. I love The Airborne Toxic Event. Also she totally pulls off the short fringe especially paired with those shoes - love her look.

  14. you look so so awesome, i love absolutely everything in your outfit but your top is amazing! so are you ♥

  15. Omg Airbourne Toxic Event- Sometime Around Midnight = <3

  16. The scarf DOES look rad with that outfit! Love the fringey top too! Can't wait to see your new hair sans-extensions!


  17. This look is gorgeous! <3


  18. You have no idea how excited I was to that comment from youu. I love your blog so much! And your jewelery collection is nutsss.
    You look so gorgeous here, I love your hair like this. and I'm beyonddd honored to be on your blog roll!

    x Sea

  19. Love this outfit! Makes me long for warmer weather!! Love the headscarf story too!!

  20. You, your boyfriend, and your friend are hot.

  21. What kind of camera do you use? And what do you do as far as editing goes?