121 - Inappropriately Dressed Dinner Guest + Shopping Stuffz

Dress - Courtesy of House of Maryanne Vintage (rad!), Crazy Cool Bracelet - Courtesy of Brittney Miranda Jewelry ($15!), Faux Leather Jacket (seen just a little bit) - Courtesy of Romwe, Sunglasses - eBay, Belt - Forever 21, Necklaces - Handmade + Boyfriend's Vintage, Other Jewelry - All Over, Creepers - Anarchic via eBay, Flannel - Vintage (Thrifted)

House of Maryanne sent me a beautiful vintage beaded bodycon dress, and I just couldn't leave well enough alone. I thought, "What happens if I just add a bunch of really dirty and silly stuff on top of it?". I made Brit take pictures of the look in every possible combination. The end result is, I think, what would happen is my mother tried to tell 15-year old Madeline to dress up fancy for an important dinner. "But Mom, I put on a dress."

I am loving a ton of my sponsors and friends in this post, so forgive the crazy shopping tips overload. I'll do it in list form so I don't ramble on...


1. House of Maryanne is a vintage store from Australia run off of Facebook. She has wonderful taste and is a very nice person. Should you not be in a shopping mood, I recommend taking a look at her items for sale anyway, since the looks are all very well-styled and inspiring in that regard! Also, free postage today, even to the US!

2. Romwe apparently now offers free worldwide shipping...did they always do that? I don't know; I just noticed it on their website. Also, if you register with them right now, you get 20% off.

3. I am going to show you the jewelry motherload right now. Are you ready?
BOOM. Seriously, it's some of the coolest jewelry I've ever seen and it's all between $5-$35. Most pieces come in around $10, and it's all designed and made by a fellow K-Townian, Brittney Petty. If you're in the market for new jewelry (especially statement pieces), consider supporting her and stuff.

4.  I visited Wasteland Online's offices the other day. YEP. It's pretty  much a dream. I got to try on Shakuhachi dresses and Unif jackets and Stylestalker leggings and gorgeous vintage shoes. DIE. When their site goes live, I'm pretty much going to buy the whole thing. Mo-Dog better start to pull her weight around my house. I can't have her freeloading off of me anymore -- not when there is amazing clothing out there in which I could be bundled.

If you aren't familiar, Wasteland is basically shopping heaven. The stores are just in SF and the greater LA area. It's fairly-priced vintage (gasp! novel!) and fantastically well-selected new designers. Their employees are also freakishly gorgeous and well-dressed. Like, I think the store managers just hang out at modeling agencies all day to offer part-time day jobs or something. It's a really inspiring store to step into, and it's always been one of my absolute favorites. I'm really excited that they are launching an online component and will basically be live-blogging the countdown to launch. Not really...but pretty much. You know, get your debit cards ready and stuff. ALSO...I saw a beta version of the website which featured a tie-dyed kaleidoscope image made out of people. YUP. And Jason Lee Parry is doing all of their editorial photos. And everyone there is crazy nice.


1. Brit is giving away the coolest Unearthen ring ever on her blog. Say WHAT?

2. Wasteland is giving away one Lakdah item of your choice. SCHA-WING. 
Do you think there is a C in Schawing? Shawing? Sawing? Swing? Sweet.

3. Pandora's Box is giving away a necklace from Telltale Hearts!

4. I am giving away a bunch of bags of old clothing and shoes. I was going to take them to Goodwill, but I'm lazy. If you're in the LA area and want to meet me somewhere in LA proper this week, I'll hand a bag or two over to ya. Just shoot me an email: madeline.pendleton.hansen [at] gmail.com. Tell me when and where, sisters. FAIR WARNING: I am not promising that anything is awesome. But it's free, so maybe you'll like something and maybe you'll be able to upcycle the rest!

PS: Extensions are gone! Look at how long my hair got!


  1. Oh my gosh, no! How can you be giving away clothes in LA? Why can't I live there, nowww? ahhggg.. nooo!!! I cant even get over your outfit here.. the creepers make it perfect. <3
    I am looking at all of those stores' items right now.. I basically love everything you ever post about, so thank you for sharing some more shops.. yay yay. mo dog is super cute. <3

  2. Hahaha you're giving away clothes??? Here is my excuse to meet up with you. Is it creepy that I've wanted to see you since I made the decision to move here?

  3. New follower here! I had a freak-out moment where I thought I couldn't follow you via GFC, but it was just my computer being stupid.

    Anyways, found your blog through thelovelyhunter! Love it. Wish I was in LA so that I could mooch off of your castaway items, but then again, that would kind of be a bad idea seeing as I'm trying to get rid of stuff (as seen here: http://www.atavisions.com/2011/10/confession-blog-sale-and-my-first.html)! I'm hopeless. :P

    See you around!

  4. Just found your blog..and i love your fashion sense..visit my blog and also follow if you'd like..

  5. I love your bracelet-ring with the eye on it and you look a lot younger with short hair!
    Awesome Shopping list i'm definitely checking that out and I wish I was living in LA cause there's nothing better than a big bag of free clothes!

  6. You cut your hair (well, removed extensions)! It still looks great but I miss the extension! Love how there're so many free things going around this week! x

  7. i love the shoes !


  8. Whoa ! your hair has gotten so long, looks great. Oh yes, I saw your friend Brit's Unearthen giveaway too, may I also say scha-wing scha-wing !

  9. Well, i just stumbled across your blog and I love it ! I love how you mix your outfits and all the jewellery. Perfect!
    You have a new follower :)

    Love from Germany x

  10. You look amazing.
    I love your jewelry :-)


  11. cool outfit-jewellery-creeepers


  12. oh fuck yeah. your flannel goes so perfectly with this. i actually usually never wear flannel with anything anymore, but you've inspired me to start pairing it with dresses and all that good stuff again.

    holy COW!!!! your hair got so long. and pretty. and stuff. so good.
    and YAY! FOR ONCE I AM HAPPY TO LIVE IN LA! I will be shooting you an email RIGHT NOW :) I would love a bag of YOUR old clothes.. plus it's free? damn. but my birthday's next year ;)

  13. stunninggggg with a capital S. love your dress!!

  14. the dress is too die for, you lucky girl! Do you know whether they ship to the uk at all? Fingers crossed they do!
    ps, looking as gorogeous as ever missy! xo


  15. you hair grows so quick. Loving those creepers they look so hot with the dress xoxo

  16. im totally loving your new layout!

  17. could i meet up with you to get your old clothes too?

  18. I'm hannah chu btw! i go to ucla and i can meet up with you!

  19. Email me if you want to arrange a meeting!

  20. I feel like your style has so much boho-infused grunge, I love it.


  21. I super l0ve the ring dear! ^_^

    Please supp0rt 0ur bL0g by f0LL0wing us back @



    Thank y0u! ϡ