123 - Fake Forests & Forest Green

Mesh Embroidered Dress - Courtesy of House of Maryanne, Boots - Alice + Olivia for Payless via Crossroads, Pullover - Tunnel Vision, Belt - Tunnel Vision, All Jewelry Besides Cuff - Tunnel Vision, Cuff - Courtesy of JFR

Los Angeles tried to trick me. It made me think that we were officially embarking upon a Fall season. I cozied up in warm neutral tones and comfy layers, then walked outside. Um, no. It's 100 degrees. Surprise. I'm glad I at least got photos of this look, though, since it features a lot of great pieces from the upcoming Tunnel Vision shop. That belt! Those rings! The pullover! I'm so excited I can hardly see straight.

We have been doing a lot of modifications lately, and buying stellar fabric for a few of our own designs. Teaser: we bought tie-dyed crushed velvet yesterday. Did you even know such a thing existed?! Also, we went to town grommeting some business (grommeting pliers pretty much are the raddest things ever). I didn't even have a sewing-induced breakdown until I started setting in zippers last night. It ended with bloody finger tips and a lot of shattered dreams. My poor little sewing machine was like, "Hi, I am not equipped to sew through 4 layers of this thick crazy fabric. You are hurting me; please stop." We'll see about that, sewing machine.

Here is some fall inspiration:
Llamas! Come snuggle with me!

EDIT: LA-area people, all of my clothing has been claimed -- thanks! Also...
Brit and I are looking for a little sewing and potentially design assistance:

EDIT EDIT: Heck yeah, we will be shipping worldwide! Those of you outside of the US, be prepared to be stoked on how the currency conversion rates work in your favor.


  1. awwooohhh mah god.
    I cant even deal with your outfit! WOW. I love the pullover, and your jewelry fits so perfectly with the whole outfit.. and your boots too. ahgh!
    I am sooo excited for your and Brit's shop I can't hardly wait at all!! crushed velvet tie dye? yum <3

  2. Tie dyed...crushed velvet? I don't even know what you're making but I want it immediately.

    Also, I'll totally trade weather with you. We even have a real forest literally just down the road!

  3. Tie dyed crushed velvet sounds utterly amazing.

    And this outfit is lovely. Cosy, cute, and a perfect touch of grunge glamour.

  4. Aaaaah my god i am SO EXCITED!!! Can't wait for more news on your designs!!! AND OMG I WANT A LLAMA TO SNUGGLE WITH!

  5. that best is so freakin' awesome! Love it and the small poncho :)


  6. my friend loves llamas!! she's obsessed with them.

    love your skirt!

    xx maggie

  7. The boots are outstanding. And that triangle shaped ring with the gem in the middle of it? Reminds me of a royal pizza from the middle east, in the best way possible.

  8. damn, wish i lived in L.A. I'm damn good at all of the things mentioned in the craigslist ad. that skirt and belt are sooo coool. i don't know which i like more: crushed velvet paisley or crushed velvet tie dye. I'm over here wising it was warm, we live in perpetual fall/winter.

  9. That is such a lovely shade of green!! =)


  10. great shoes :D
    I definitely will following you if you follow me :D
    Decimal Shoes

  11. holy cow! crushed tie-dye velvet!!!! sounds freakin' perfect. i love your pullover with this dress! also, not sure if what you're looking for is a seamstress, but my mom sews and actually makes all of the Miracle Eye clothes, so we could totally help you! haha.

  12. It's all coming together-it must be so exciting! llamas are so cute, until they spit on you!


  13. ur skirt and rings are awesome!! love it :)

    Casla Twins

  14. Loving how laid back the whole outfit looks, lusting after that skirt, the colour is amazing! xx


  15. Hot outfit, especially love the skirt! Llama <3

  16. i love the colour of that dress. green is my favorite. gorgeous!

  17. those boots are crazy cool! i want to a get a pair! i've googled and it turns out that payless don't ship them to asia. any idea on where else i can get them?

    btw i love that these are just very basic pieces, but you put them together and they turn out to be the most rocking outfit!