127 - Remind me to never wear my hair like this again...

Dress - Thrifted, Belt - F21, Jacket - c/o Romwe, Shoes - JC Lanas (via Nastygal, I added white laces), Jewelry - DIY + Random + Konstantino, Talon Claw Earring - c/o LSD, Two-Finger Snake Ring - c/o JFR

I thought my hair looked perfectly fine like this when I actually wore it up, but then I looked at these pictures later and was kinda horrified. It's just not...top-y enough to be a topknot, maybe? I think my hair is still to short to go this route. The end result makes everything pulled too tight and awkward. Please remind me that this hairdo is off limits for me until my hair grows another two or three inches.

I got this jacket from Romwe a while ago and I was in love with it, but felt too incompetent a dresser to figure out how to actually wear it. It sat on the back of a chair in my dressing room for months, me trying it on with every outfit, nothing quite working for me. Eventually, I started to see it pop up all over Lookbook. Evidence:






Everyone looks beautiful and amazing and stuff, but I am especially moved by the way Jessica and Sietske wore it. Those ladies look awesome, as per usual. I love seeing the way different people wear the same garment. It's a really a great way to see personal style manifest. At the end of the day, you can own designer clothes or thrift store clothes, but what really makes your style your own is the way you wear it. Ha, was that a cliche? Sorry guys. I haven't had caffeine yet and my head is in a muddle.

Final task on today's agenda: Tunnel Vision now has a Twitter! Please follow us. Yes, I am actually begging. Brit and I have been working so hard on putting Tunnel Vision together. Everyone's support and enthusiasm has really meant the world to us. Following us on Twitter will give you preview pics of what items will be up in the store. Also, once our Facebook is actually doing things (it's pretty sad and empty right now), following us both places will give you something extra special... (cough)pre-shopwithcrazyhugediscount(cough cough)


  1. Awesome dress and jewelry, and those shoes are just too sweet for words.

    I also love the way Jessica is wearing that jacket - her dipdye dress is amazing, too. It's cool to see a range of different looks. I agree with your caffeine-deprived cliché! Haha.

    Liked Tunnel Vision on fb :)


  2. That's such a fun jacket, you definitely nailed it and as for your zero-caffeine cliche, totally agree haha.
    I'm currently following Tunnel Vision on Twitter!

  3. Hey, I'm digging the topknot girl. And that jacket? I need one in my life asap. Love it all.

    Oh, and all this talk of tunnel vision is making me lose sleep from excitement. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. Ahh! I don't really mind the topknot.. hah! and I like your jacket, I think you wore it best but Jessica looks great too (duh.). I cannot wait for Tunnel Vision. I am SO excited ahhhhh!!

  5. don't be silly, your hair is fine. my hair is too long for the topknot - i end up looking like a disheveled samurai.

  6. Just do a sock bun, it would look great!

  7. the jacket looks so great on you!
    can't get enough of your outfits!!

  8. I love your hair like that! And that claw earring is ace!

  9. really nice outfit! love the shoes with the white laces!!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  10. I dont know lovely, but Im digging the hair, the big puff bun is sweet ! Im liking the way you paired up that jacket. Congrats on the store, when will it go online ?

  11. great outfit! i love that jacket!

  12. I love the jacket! I was eyeing it on Romwe as well, but I'm not going to buy it. Love how you styled it. I think my favorite from the pictures you ahve of others styling it is Sietske

    Liking the shop on FB and following on Twitter now!
    xx maggie

  13. Dang that jacket is badass. I love how Jessica wore it, too. I definitely can't wear my hair up for now, either. You pulled it off. Don't worry.

  14. Yes yes the jacket is supa-dupa-rad, but those earrings! Fuck yea!

  15. come visit/follow my fashion blog. I would love to feature you.

    Thanks a heap.
    Love, Kate

  16. you can pull that hair off. you look fantastic. the jewelry are great!
    and not to forget to mention that jacket. nice!


  17. I disagree... you should wear your hair that way again. It looks adorable!

  18. Mad, you are adorbs and can do anything and wear your hair any damn way.

  19. LOVE the jacket and how you wore it! love the mismatched earrings too and your hair too, it just looks like a good undone topknot to me. not awkward at all :)

  20. I like your style, you’re so pretty in these photos and I love the outfit you've selected!
    Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  21. Omg I love your hair like this ... It looks amazing... Always wish I could do it with mine. You shouldn't be horrified , I am a big fan :)


  22. you look adorable no matter- what but i can relate. a while back i put up a post and really struggled with the half assed knot on my head. i posted it and made no mention of the wackness. you have really put it out there only making it more endearing.
    i love the jacket. you styled it well.
    super into checking out your archives tonight.