Interlude - 124 Cool Things Under $30

I went a little crazy on Polyvore and made 8 different outfits -- wowza. Then, I found places to get similar items, each for under $30. Hellooooo $30 rule. So, this is how it works: below each set, you'll see links for different options for each item featured. While the images in the sets are of mega-spendy gorgeous designer pieces, all of the links written out below are to super affordable variations on the look. I've put an asterisk (*) next to my favorites for each option. Let's see how this goes, shall we? Oh, and try not to laugh too hard at my cheesy titles for each look.

Go (South)West
Southwest Mini
A Black Felt Hat with Band - $18*, $20
A Cool Sheer Dress - $18*, $18, $30
A Big Turquoise Ring - $25
A Fringed Jacket - $24*, $28, $28, $30
A Pair of Western Booties - $22, $28*, $30
A Southwestern Belt - $9, $9, $14, $24*
Bonus: $20 Purse
Tip: vintage leather fringe jackets are cool and inexpensive. You can cut the lining and remove shoulder pads for a more updated fit. If you really love a piece but hate the cut, take it to a tailor to have it altered. DO IT. Don't be lazy. You'll still end up saving a boatload.


To Dye For
Tie-Dyed Leggings
An Open-Knit Sweater - $15*, $18
A Cute and Comfy Cotton Bra - $10, $15, $24 for 3*
A Pair of Tie-Dyed Leggings - $11, $15*, $20
A Pair of Lace-Up Wedge Boots - $30*, $30
A Cool Metal Choker - $12, $18, $20, $26*


Doom Generation
Doom Generation Redux
A Cool Black Top - $10, $20, $25*
A Pair of Something-Black-and-Leatheries  - $20, $25*, $28
A Pair of Cool Black Sunglasses - $14, $19, $21, $21*
A Black Leather Cuff - $8*, $17, $30
A Pair of Black Platform Shoes - $27*, $28, $30


Female Jason Mewes
A Pair of Falling-Apart Cut-Offs - $20, $25*, $25, $25, $26, $26, $30
A Tie Dyed Shirt - $12, $20*, $20
A Pair of Black Combat Boots - $24*, $30
A Pair of Skeleton Earrings - $5, $5, $5, $6*, $11
A Black Beanie - $3, $4*
Tip: If you have an old T-Shirt lying around, grab a bunch of hair ties and a box of Rit dye from the grocery store 
and tie-dye it yourself, then cut the sleeves off.


It's Summer Somewhere
Summer Somewhere
A Colorful Bra Top - $16*, $30
A Pair of Floral Denim Shorts - $19, $20*
A Pair of Wood-Bottomed Wedges - $30*, $30, $30
A Pair of Floral Sunglasses - $6, $16*
A Floral Scarf Thing for Your Head - $5, $9, $14*, $18


Rayanne Graff
Grunge Revival
A Floral Dress - $18, $20, $22*, $26
An Oversized Flannel - $20, $20*, $20
A Vintage Denim Jacket - $15*, $24, $25
A Lot of Friendship Bracelets - $8, $20 for a lot*, $29 
A Baja Backpack - $20, $27*
A Pair of Tennis Shoes - $20


Social Distortion Lovin' Lolita
Velvet Mini Dress
A Velvet Babydoll Dress - $27*, $27
A Pair of Heart-shaped Sunglasses - $3*, $5, $14
A Simple Black Fedora - $14, $25*$26
A Pair of Doc Marten Oxfords - $28, $29, $30*
A Pair of Lace-Trimmed Socks - $6*, $7, $8


Screamin' Jay Hawkins

Black Magic
A Netted Black Dress - $30
A Pair of Booties - $28*, $29, $30
A Faux Fur Coat - $16, $23, $25, $30*, $30*
A Few Rough-Cut Rings - $15, $15*
A Crystal Necklace - $22, $28, $28*



  1. come to my house and pick my outfits out for me from now until the rest of eternity

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    everything is beautiful and amazing.


  3. This is fucking brilliant!! Man I love your blog!

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  5. its addictive isn't it??

  6. thank you for doing this im tired of people posting "cheap" stuff that is over $100-- at least someone is in touch with reality:)

  7. gorgeous outfits! my favourites got to be 'To Dye For', the colours are lovely :)


  8. I cannot believe you did this! This is MINDBLOWING! Must've taken you FOREVER. So great! And the titles are AMAZING, not cheesy.


  9. Amazing! Thank you so much for including the burgundy velvet dress from my store here! It means a lot!! :)

  10. some great ideas!! gonna check out some items :)

  11. 4 and 7 are the best ! :)

  12. I'm so glad you posted this in both the intended and a surprisingly unintended way -- I'd been looking for another pair of leatherette pants, and I don't know how they didn't come up when I searched on Forever21, but you found them! ♥ (Now I just have to figure out the sizing. The last time I bought a size 25, figuring that referred to the waist size, it fit like a size 8...)

    I think I adore Female Jason Mewes the most, which is awesome, because I just found a huge tie-dyed tank top in my fiancée's stuff that I want to wear.

  13. I love these looks and added some great things to my wishlist! Especially a Baja Backpack

  14. Oh my GOD, this is the most inspiring and practical blog post I've seen in a while!! Gives me a completely new perspective -- not only with bargain hunting, but with assembling outfits. :)


  15. This was so enjoyable and inspiring. Especially loved To Dye For and Social Distortion Lovin' Lolita... Now I'm totally craving a claret velvet babydoll.


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  19. Female Jason Mewes is such a good look to try for.

    However, I do believe that the Rayanne Graff look is bordering Angela Chase and needs a little more skin showing to go full Graff.

    I think I'm going to change what I'm wearing right now cause the social distortion loving lolita inspired me. thank you

  20. Great sets! loads of inspiration thank you so much =)

  21. I LOVE these. Each outfit is individually stunning. I also love things under thirty bucks.

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  23. Love the sets! And I love all things that are a bargain. The set for Go (south) west looks like it was specially handpicked for me :D

    Keep this up!

    Love, Berglind

  24. This post is genius. I appreciate all the time and creativity you put forth to create it! Such a great idea, and I hope to see more like this in the future Madeline!

  25. omigod Madeline...I don't even know where to begin, but you're KILLING me! I literally just spent a crapload of money and now I want every single thing on your list. it's like you made the list just for me, 'cause I would wear everything on it. I so wanted to be Rayanne Graff, too, I thought she was the coolest. But I loved Angela too. But I digress. You've seriously tempted me to buy some of those items. I already own a lot of those items, but I still like the ones you've chosen. And I've been on a big tie dye kick recently as well...I think I'm going to try my hand at attempting to make a galaxy print. Pray it turns out.

    Beneath the Glass

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    YOUR EYES LIE GIVEAWAY at my blog!


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