Interlude - Baby's on Fire - Stylestalker Preview

This is a preview of the upcoming Stylestalker Collection, Baby's On Fire. Baby's on Fire is a great Brian Eno song:

which was prominently featured in Velvet Goldmine with the vocals redone by Jonathan Rhys Meyers:

I have to say that naming your collection after such an effortlessly cool track has positive visual associations for me, but the song in the Stylestalker video isn't exactly up my alley. I think that setting me up for iconic '70s jams like that, any contemporary soundtrack to the video would be jarring.

After the initial shock of audio-expectation letdown, I found myself with conflicting feelings.

 Visually, I love, love, love the environment, colorscape, and overall feel. The type treatment for the heading is spot on, and don't even get me started on my love for Anja Konstantinova.

However, I soon found myself so perplexed that I was unable to even look at the clothing. Why is Anja acting like a vaguely-sexy cat? The end result isn't sexy, just strange, and not good strange. Then, when an actual cat is brought into the mix, I found myself fearing for its safety. I instantly thought of the "Someone Call the Cat Police" entry on LATFH (so three years ago, I know). I even put my hand out to the computer screen to instinctively rescue it. "Is she going to eat it?! What if cats hate smoke machines?!" And I don't even like cats that much.

So after my first go-through, I watched the video again on mute and tried to shake off the strange kitty actions and discovered that the actual collection is totally knocking my socks off. In particular, there are two STUNNING dresses featured, floor-length with interesting cut-outs, which seems to be the quintessential Stylestalker look. Afterall, ain't nobody throw a  '70s dark magic hippie glam party better than Stylestalker.

What do you think about the video? Am I being too harsh? Did the jerk store call because they ran out of me?

EDIT: Upon further review, the video is growing on me... Anja is just so gosh-durn pretty. How can anyone resist her charms?!


  1. I'd have to agree with both points you've made, a little strange at first, but when you really check the collection - sexy cat impression or not - Anja Konstantinova is making it look stunning.

  2. I really like the video. I thought that Anja was perfect for the part, because to me she kinda looks like a cat and she has cat tatted on the back of her neck and meow on the inside of her lip. Also I guess I love everything that she does as a model ^^
    As for the song I really don't know but I love the title of it. ^^

  3. The song also weirded me out, but otherwise I liked it. Anja is gorgeous, and I liked the caaat! Just because I really like cats and it was kind of fat and cute. But the song distracted me from what she was wearing.. I can barely remember it. and I like the actual Baby's on fire songs much better.

  4. Wow! I agree completely, and I usually always have something else to say, but you've pretty much said it all. For a second when I was first reading this I thought it said "Velvet Codeine" (my blog's name), and my eyes completely burst.. Then after re-reading the word I realized twas was only a dream haha.

  5. Haha! I laughed out loud at this. I saw one dress from this that I have to have... it has this crazy corset detailing. Anyway... had so much fun hanging out with you/meeting Lamson and Mo... Sarah had a mini episode when we got home about not having a dog after that.

  6. hahahah this is amazing its so funny because friends and I were just talking about this! Love the model, hate the concept I dont get it either I dont feel it speaks for the collection, I also dont get acting like a sexy cat I mean if anyone can pull off a sexy can its Anja Konstantinova, but is there really a neiche market for that?

  7. That video is certainly weird, and why they didn't use Eno for the soundtrack is beyond me. What little we can see of the clothes appears to be awesome, however. So, two out of three Style Stalker. Great design, babe model, bad direction. And no, the jerk store didn't call. You rule for speaking your mind, and you got at least one person to actually watch a video I normally would have skipped. This is what sets you apart, my dear!

  8. LOVE this dress... so cute on yoU! and those sunnies of course!