Interlude - Malibu Beach Party

On me: (really, a poorly considered outfit barely even suitable for a day at the beach due to its haphazardness) a very old velvet bikini from Ross Dress for Less (had it since 7th grade...), ripped up vintage tie-dyed tee turned tank, thrifted flannel, vintage denim jacket that the boyfriend bleached, DIY thrifted cut-offs, sunglasses from ASOS, a ring from a costume shop
On Mo-Dog: a collar that my boyfriend made for her
On Brit: my boyfriend's flannel, the coolest hat I have ever seen, what I think is an American Apparel bikini?

I imagine that 99.99% of my followers also follow Britney, so it should be no surprise that we spent her birthday at a really amazing hidden beach in Malibu, since she already posted photos of the day on her blog. I didn't want to post a lot of pictures of her friends here, since I don't know them very well and I'm not sure how comfortable they would be with their faces popping up on an acquaintance's strange little fashion blog and all, but there was a good turn-out and it was a lot of fun.

I know that I gush about Brit a lot here, but I still feel like it's never enough. There are a lot of really amazing people in the world, but I always feel so overcome with privilege and happiness when I have the pleasure of spending time with one. Britney is truly one of the most amazing people that I have ever met. She is wise, humble, kind-hearted, open, honest, generous, and loving to everyone she meets. It was wonderful to spend the day at this beautiful little beach, celebrating her birthday. She mentioned more than once that she was thankful for our attendance, but I cannot help but say that I am thankful for her friendship and grateful to have her presence in my life.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these candid (admittedly and apologetically very Madeline-centric) shots of the day. You'll see that there is even a shot of my much-discussed awkward gumline (gasp!) and a few adorable photos of Mo-Dog, who is not overweight -- I swear -- just awkwardly proportioned with a tiny head, which can play tricks on the eyes.

EDIT: This blog post title makes me think of this:
Beach Party Vietnam by The Dead Milkmen


  1. i love your top, and your dog is adorable!

  2. Beautiful pictures, i love them all! and the dog is supercute :)

  3. I think it's really sweet about your relationship with Britney and I feel exactly the same way about my close friends. Sometimes you just feel glad and lucky that you know them. And your dog is great haha

  4. Doggie butt!


  5. sounds so fun! i think it's great to have such a great friend -- i have one and i don't shut up about her haha

    xx maggie

  6. You are hot, 'nuff said. And I want that shirt.

  7. dude, about the gumline,i have the same weird thing going on. i hate it so much, i always have. Ever since my stupid brother made me aware of it when I was seven I've felt like a freak. I remember the exact moment and I hated smiling or laughing for a very long time. But you know something: I know some gorgeous girls that have it and they hate it too so i don't feel so bad. You happen to have a gorgeous smile too by the way.

    And this made me miss warm weather/the beach