133 - I like candy, sci-fi, and you, okay?

Beanie & Jacket & Marled Sweater Hoodie - Boyfriend's, Cut-Offs - Thrifted Pants DIYd, Boots - Docs from eBay, Earrings & Ear Wrap & Black Coiled Bracelet & Sugar Skull Ring - c/o JFR, Crossbones Necklace - c/o LSD , Other Jewelry - Random, Dog - Animatronic

Sorry to repeat the boots from the last post, guys! They are just so perfect that I find myself wearing them a lot, especially on the few days of rain we have had 'round LA. JFR sent me a new little goodie package o' jewelry, and I am totally loving the crazy earrings. I wish I would have seen this snakeskin cuff, though! It's only, like, $22 USD and is mega-rad.

Also, Charlotte from LSD sent me over this awesome crossbones necklace! Heck yeah. I saw it on Severine recently, too:
She has a really cool blog -- I definitely recommend checking it out.

Lately, I've found myself dressing like more of a badass. I think it has something to do with the stress. I'm worn so thin that I feel like I don't have time to mess around. Be prepared to see this beanie pretty much permanently affixed to my head as winter takes full charge. Also, I haven't been updating as much because I've been basically falling over dead every day from working two jobs. Once real work ends, Tunnel Vision work begins. Egad, I can barely keep up. Twitter followers would have seen this sneak-peek image from one of our product shoots over the weekend:
That's our model Hannah, pretty much killin' it. We shot 59 garments on her in one day -- and we still have four more days of product shots to go. Needless to say, the store will be STOCKED. 

Guys, I can barely form sentences due to overwhelming exhaustion. I don't really know what else to say right now. I like candy, sci-fi, and you, okay? Okay.


  1. thanks for that blog tip!

    cool sweater you have here.

  2. favorite outfit ever!! obsessed! xx


  3. Oh wow, I think this is one of my favourite outfits yet! So effortlessly awesome, and your jewelry makes me ache - I want all of it!


  4. Love the outfit. I Especially like the earrings.

  5. The ear cuff and sugar skull ring are fantastical. Continue dressing like a bad ass, it rules.


  6. I totally relate to you on the super-insane-stress-no-time-to-do-anything front. But all your crazy hard work will totally pay off! I'm so excited for your store to open! And if the result of your crazy schedule is you start dressing like a badass, well, that's just awesome. I love this outfit!


  7. Continue to do the badass thing because it freaking rules. Also, I want that hoodie. Boyfriends? Damnit.

  8. Your jewelry is fantastic! I want your snake earcuff soooo bad!

  9. Congrats love keep up the good work! I can't wait to raid your store... And your closet muahaha


  10. amazing outfit! love the boots!!

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  12. so much goodness in this post. my eyes are fixed on that earring/cuff/dangle-y thing.

  13. Candy, sci-fi and definitely you-loving person over here in the front row ! I saw the picture of you on the tunnel vision Facebook page where you're styling someone for a shoot, you're badass look is awesome Madeline ! and those shoots look like crazy teasers, cant wait to see the final product. Sorry to hear you're worn thin, you look great though and Im sure that in the end it will be more than rewarding, your store is going to be booming, so exciting ! (Im bursting at the seams here, and so flattered again that you featured me in your post, thank you ! :)...) xo

  14. As always, your jewelery is killer! Especially that ear cuff thing. And those boots! Fabulous! Can't wait for tunnel vision.

  15. Ahhh! I am so excited. I hope all of your exhaustion pays off! Badass Madeline is my favourite!!! That ear chain watrfall thingy is SO AWESOME AHH! Also, I saw that necklace on Severine! She is anothe ron of my favourite bloggers. <3

  16. dude i totally hear you. i'm freaking working my ass off as well, and haven't even started working on my store yet, other than getting a store template set up. still got tons of coding to do, product photos, etc. doesn't look like mine will open until next year, bummer. we'll see though. you look awesome no matter if you dress badas or otherwise. and beanies are always attached to my head in winter cause i'm too lazy to do anything with my hair.

    suuuper psyched to see (and shop!) your store!!

    hope you get to relax soon! that's what beer's for. and muscle relaxers. and so on.

    ps. so tired i'm not even sure what i'm writing here. but i like sci-fi, DEF. CANDY and of course YOU as well.

    Beneath the Glass

  17. so kick ass! love the boots.
    i know what you mean by tired! but i'm a student, so it's all just school stressed. i can't wait to see tunnel vision up and running though, because from the previews i saw on twitter, it will be hella cool!

    xx maggie

  18. You make a magnificent badass. I love love love your ear wrap. And those boots are amazing, I don't blame you for wearing them often!


  19. I love clothes with attitude. Great photos and styling! Excited to see the launch of your project! :)


  20. ahhh! I can't wait for Tunnel Vision, and I am super glad that you and brit are putting in such an amazing effort, I know it will be wonderful. AH! and also I like these pictures especially the one with your arm and foot up. Youuu are the best. and that necklace is rad-tastic.

  21. i think youre BOOTS are totally killing it. nnnnnnice.

  22. Madeline, you are stunning! And I'm convinced that you're one of the most badass bloggers out there. This is one of my favorite outfits of yours! I'm a sucker for a leather jacket, and yours is freakin' awesome. And holy crap! That ear cuff is beyond amazing! Your jewelry is always insane! I love the beanie too, it's pretty adorable. I'm sure you're going to have an amazing time with Tunnel Vision! I can't wait to see everything!


  23. I've been on theee craziest hunt for that EXACT style of leather jacket!!! fit looks perfect- can you please tell me where your boyfriend got it from? fingers crossed it's still available.

  24. My favourite look ! :)
    You are very beautiful. I started with blogging four days ago ! I hope I will be good blogger like you :) You are my inspiration !