134 - Maxi(mum) Grunge

Beanie - Boyfriend's, Shirt - Boyfriend's Vintage, Flannel - Boyfriend's Vintage, Velvet Maxi Skirt - Thrifted Vintage, Bag - Army Surplus, Necklace - c/o LSD, Necklace & Most of Rings - Konstantino, Black Bracelet & Wolf Earring - c/o JFR, Fingernail Ring - c/o Gypsy Warrior

Interesting story: this is the shirt my boyfriend was wearing when we met seven years ago. We haven't been together for seven years, but that's still a long time to know someone, right? Getting old is weird. We met when his band played my friend's photography show in LA. I was wearing a crazy outfit with a million vintage fur stoles piled on top of each other, pinned together with vintage brooches. I am a tacky, tacky person. He sauntered up and started petting them. I didn't live in LA, but we stayed pals through the years, until I moved down here. Anyway, that's not really fashion-y, so I suppose it's just irrelevant rambling.

I promise you that my next post won't have a beanie in it. I PROMISE. I can't make any promises about Brit's next post, though...

I seriously love grunge so much, but it sucks knowing that anything I do, Bebe Zeva already did a year ago.

I think I'll break away from this strange obsession with my youth soon.


  1. You should move to Seattle, where you'd be the grunge-queen and the masses would adore your style wherever you went! :) I love grunge, too--there's just something so 90s about it.

  2. Don't ditch the beanie it looks great!
    Pretty cute story about your boyfriend too, funny looking back on stuff like that.

  3. amaazing looks! i love your maxi, and your jewelry as always xx

  4. HA! That story of how you and your man met totally cracks me up, that's way better than being like "oh, we met at school" or something!

    And don't say bye bye to the beanie if you love it. Sometimes a hat makes everything that much better.

  5. I LOVE grungey/masculine dressing at the moment. I've been living in my bobble hat and boyfriend jackets. perfect. Panda xo

  6. I love it and I kinda have been affected with the grunge bug as of late as well


  7. I want all of my t-shirts to be in the state of this one here, so perfectly worn and shredded. Ahh. ♥ Also, that necklace from LSD just breaks my heart -- only because it would break my bank, but holy crap is it gorgeous.

    That's the freaking cutest story, ever. I still have the shirt that I wore when I met my now-fiancée, but that happened six months after we officially met, so I don't know if it counts.

    Gah, you've just inspired me on how I can wear a bustier I just bought...I just need to find my old flannel shirt. ♥

  8. i love all your recent grunge-y posts.... yummy yummy to my 90s lovin self :) you're killin me with all your amazing jewelry.

  9. That is so cute how you and your man met, I was thinking just the other day how fast time flies by and before you know it 7 years are gone in a flash. But at least you have good stories to tell ! You're looking fantastic as always, you pull of grunge with an edgy sex-appeal. I love your beanie looks by the way. Im terribly inspired now too. And your jewelry collection is soo droolworthy Madeline ! That Konstantino one on your forefinger reminds me of some ancient tomb, so neat. xo

  10. you're gorgeous. so freaking gorgeous. I just looked through your whole blog (wow, creeper!) and I just.. you're amazing

  11. I had a velvet skirt EXACTLY like that when I was like, 10. I vaguely remembering wearing it in christmas pictures. & I wish I still had it now.

  12. Grunge-a-rific. I always love all your jewellery. Lol I hope that's how I meet someone someday. AHH I would kill for a velvet maxi skirt. It's gorgeous.

  13. Love the skirt! My mom has one really similar to it, and I plan on snatching it very soon.
    Also loving how grunge-tastic the outfit is

    xx maggie

  14. Golly godspeed it makes me so happy to see MYSELF ON HERE!!!!!!! Thank you, Madeline!!!! The flannel + maxi skirt combo is so perfect... it gives the grunge a timeless elegance. LOVE IT <3

  15. It sure is a sad realization. Every single style that I've kind of 'dove into' in the past three months, Bebe Zeva has explored over a year ago. *sigh* she is just way too perfect for words.

    This is just perfect, velvet and flannel, yes please. Anything with velvet in general is just GAH, just take my blog's name for example, ha.

  16. i say long live the beanie, it's always been there for me when i need it and makes any outfit look badass. i love hearing how people got together and think it's great you were pals first. my husband and i hated each other at first, oddly enough. we knew each other for awhile too, and he even tried to set me up with his roomate first (long story). we've been together for 8 years and married going on 5. it is strange being with someone so long. and i def. feel old and then some. but that's not fashion-y either.

    Bebe is amazing. I swear, girls are getting cooler and cooler the younger they get. I was never that cool at their age. Hell, I still don't think I'm as cool as half the teens I see.

    sorry, i always find myself rambling in my comments. probably cause i hate when people leave fly by comments, i like to relate to the person and what they're saying. feel free to delete though, should my incessant rambling annoy you :)

    Beneath the Glass

  17. fur stoles, and fur stoles! eee wonderful. what a good situation.
    I love all the grungey-ness in your outfits recently, this skirt is particularly amaaaazing. wow. and all your jewelry with it.. bahhh so good.

    Also, yes, Bebe has awesome style.

  18. nice bag,nice ring,nice bangle,and magic dress,together is a perfection !!Completely love your whole attire!!Idefinitely adore every single detail from the hair down to the color scheme!Keep on doing these brilliant jobs,Bravo!!!!


  19. I love grunge. Love your post. I love the wolf earrings.

  20. Those earrings are amazing.


  21. Your style is wonderful! Perfect combination of everything that matters, and I also like your tattoos let alone your blog and tumblr :)

  22. very different style to my style!but like it!join my party!


  23. Hey! I had a question about dying my hair with kool-aid and I figured you would be the best person to ask =)

    I'm thinking about dying my hair with kool-aid but was wondering how well it washes out. I planned on using a pinkish color and my hair is a pretty light blonde. I noticed in your more recent photos that your hair is a solid blonde with no hints of the kool-aid. Did it just eventually wash out or did you have to do something in order to get it back to that solid blonde?

    Thanks =)
    Love your blog

  24. Hey Courtney! It washed out in about two months' time. I have dyed it since, though!

  25. I'm absolutely in love with your blog!
    This outfit is amazing.

    <3 eccentric daydream