Interlude - Sneak Preview, Tunnel Vision

Models: Jon Oswald & Hannah Doerksen, Photographer: Lamson To

Alright dudes, here is a sneak preview of the first Tunnel Vision lookbook. You can get a little taste of the craziness on which we have been working. Yes, that's a bindi and a backwards baseball cap paired with a sequined bustier. Wait until you see the rest of the photos. They totally blew my mind.

I've been trying to wrap my head around what I want us to accomplish with Tunnel Vision. There are so many amazing vintage stores on the web; how do you stand out from the rest? What makes our store different? I think I finally wrapped my head around an answer. Our store is just a little nuts. No, really. It's kinda out there. However, that doesn't stop our product from being wearable for the right kind of guys and gals. For example, I don't know what most vintage lovers would do with a sequined bustier, but we paired it with a backwards baseball cap and Harley Davidson motorcycle boots. 

What I hope we accomplish with Tunnel Vision is this: 
  • having tons of merchandise in the store at all times
  • having hard-to-find vintage pieces...crazy embroidered maxi skirts and leather-and-fur jackets and beautiful printed dresses
  • offering crazy customized vintage pieces
  • (eventually) carrying Bad Vibes, the house brand of Brit's and my designs.
  • always being a little unexpected
  • keeping you all constantly engaged
I am crossing my fingers that when we open, we won't let you down with any of these things. 

What do you guys think? What is missing from most online vintage stores? 
What could we do with Tunnel Vision that would make you want to high-five us?


  1. oh the agony, i'm dying to see more...

  2. I have browsed the links on your page and other vintage online stores. The one most important thing is to have comparable size charts. Its so annoying to buy something you love, only to realize its the wrong size.
    Also, I am a big bags and shoes person...find those awesome leather bags..
    and find awesome backpacks! All the backpacks everywhere just don't hit the spot!
    Anyway, very excited. I enjoy your entries greatly.

  3. I already know that you are going to be my favourite online store. From what I've seen you and Brit wear so far, and all of the little teasers from Twitter, every single item looks like something I would see and go, "I want this." So many vintage stores online supply pieces that look downright dull, things that someone's grandmother probably wore (and not in the best way, like high-collared full length dresses that are one solid pastel colour and just really bland in style and shape) but hey it's vintage so it's cool, right?

    Your stuff, on the other hand, is just really freaking amazing so far. I just hope your stuff won't sell out immediately! I also hope some of your stuff will be affordable. At the moment I'm bringing home all of my tip money from work and dumping it into a designated 2 liter soda bottle, and intend to spend it on your store (as to not take away from money I should be spending on Christmas) and I hope it'll be enough to get something wonderful. ♥

  4. whats missing from online stores is a sense of personality! like a place that this style is truly coming from, not just whats popular or what will sell. you and brit have massive amounts of personality! it flows from everything you do and inspires all who encounter it! im sure tunnel vision will embody your personalities and be extremely successful, i cant wait to see the finished product

  5. Agreed with the above comment, both you and Brit have always had such incredible style and fun personalities, so being able to see this through your work at Tunnel Vision will always keep it individual! This shoot is definitely giving off your vibes!

  6. What would be totally awesome, and what most internet stores miss, is having reasonable prices and free/cheap shipping around the world... :)

  7. ohh myyyy, I am BEYOND excited. I myself have wondered how to stand out in the mass of vintage on the internet, so much so that I'm still stuck in mid-process! But you have so much natural talent, it's evident in each of your own outfits and your style overall; and as long as you just trust your own intuition and instict you can't go wrong! I can't waittt to see what you girls do with it, and I know it will be amazing. I neeed that collar necklace in my life! And I'm always a fan of a good bindi

    x Sea

  8. what I'd like to see is a variety of sizes, real sizes, hard as they are to find in vintage.

  9. Chick I am already high fiving you and I think the styling is perfecto and I love crazy the crazier the better and with your styling omg it is going to be amazing. I love your style and creativity and if this shines through in your store then you dont have to anything more. Will you be shipping to the UK??? xoxo

  10. ohh I just wanna say I am beyond excited eekk xoxo

  11. Free international shipping would be insane! You can doo it!

  12. I am so beyond excited for this <3
    The only thing I have to add is maybe in the item descriptions/photos show possible ways to style them? My problem with a lot of the vintage clothes I see on Etsy and other online retailers is that I have no idea how to wear them. They're cute, but how am I supposed to buy them if I don't know what I'm doing?
    I don't know, just a suggestion.

  13. not charge an arm and a leg?

  14. Oooh so exciting. I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for new online stores and yours will be just fantastic.

    I would say always keep your store stocked. I saw that you mentioned this, but it really is huge to me. The stores I frequent are the ones I know will always have fresh clothing...the other ones, though cool, get left in the dust until I forget about them completely. This is kind of a "duh" thing, but it seems to be difficult for a lot of sellers.

    Maybe you should make an outfit for me and I'll buy the entire thing and rock it on the ol' blogosphere. ;-)

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  16. I think the fact that you and Brit run the store is good enough reason for anyone <3

  17. um you guys will be awesome regardless of what you do because you guys can do no wrong, lol. seriously, though your store will be amazing. i'm having the same problems as well, though. i'm constantly rethinking the vision of my store and have ideas along the same lines as yours, although you guys will be able to pull yours off a hundred times better than I could/can because I'm a one woman team. Luckily my business and styling experience should help a bit. You guys rock no matter what, you could never disappoint- enough said.

    Beneath the Glass