Interlude - Video! Black Friday \m/

What's the most metal day of the year? Black Friday, duh.


Ash Wednesday is a close second, though.

Anyway, here is a video in which I ramble on for an uncomfortably long amount of time about shopping on Black Friday, misuse the word ubiquitous (I swear, I was just on a different train of thought -- I know what "ubiquitous" means!), and get all preachy about privilege and supporting small businesses to make up for my overwhelming guilt at having bought into the corporate shopping hype machine.

Then, my dog makes a nest on all of my clothing. Man, dachshunds love to burrow. Hey, here's a picture of a burro:

Hello, burro pequeno (burrito?). One day you will be full-grown and I will ride you down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Three cheers for homophones.

OMG GUYS, if I make a shirt that says "Homophones not Homophobes", would you totally wear it? 

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, a video.

After I filmed the video, I took some Photobooth pictures of myself. My first instinct was to make this face:
Then I was like, "Oh, my mom will be really proud of that one. She already has to tell her friends that her daughter never went to law school." So, I forced myself to take some in which I try to look pretty.
You know, as pretty as you can look when you're dressed like an extra from a No Doubt music video in 1997.
Why yes, I have fingers. Oh great, now I feel guilty about being snarky regarding my fingers. Every finger is a privilege, people, remember that.
Here I am pointing to where my migraine is. Right there. Yep. It's brought on by the stress of pretty much working two full-time jobs, then feeling guilty about blogging during day-work hours, even though I technically count this as my "lunch" break. The food component of lunch is actually just me eating chocolate chip cookies constantly throughout the day.

I hope you all learned something special about me today: 
I suffer from chronic anxiety disorders and am overly-communicative.

But man, do I love a good deal!
(Say that last part like every horrible female "am-i-right-ladies" comedian ever. "Am I right, ladies?!")


  1. madeline you are so hilarious and you have the craziest/coolest personality ever! looove all of those items you bought, especially the shoes! i can't wait to see how you style everything....oh and i love what you're wearing in the video too, that duster jacket/sweater looks so comfy :)

    Crystal Hearts Vintage

  2. I seriously laughed from beginning to end of this post. I adore your super sarcatically funny rants! & you look great, as ususal. :)


  3. A hilarious post as always, your videos are always way more fun than studying. I can't believe all that great stuff you got at such low prices! Definitely love the crew neck 'LA LAW' sweat shirt. Also, perhaps the burrowing dog is the cause of crinkled clothes?

  4. Laughed through this whole video. Love it.

  5. I feel a bindi comeback coming on! I like! Must go and dig mine out...Lovely post, always enjoy reading your blog. And thanks for the great Cali tips - I had an amazing time in LA and SF!




  6. Wow, I was totally blown away by this post. I just can't believe that there's people like you out there (naturally blewing people right off their chairs). YOU as a person are amazing, beautiful, inspiring, wonderfully unexpected, so friggin' talanted but not only as a stylist but also as an artist. You entertain simply by being yourself, I must say. You have amazed me from the very start and I am proud to say that you have become one of my most beloved role models.

    Cheers from Sweden!

  7. Coors shirt is my fave. Found 2 vintage Coors shirts in different colors for my bf, which he wears the shit out of and subsequently rips up when skating (falling). Needless to say, those shirts rock. Thin fabric, supa soft.

    Also, this may be the best photo of you. Like ever. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v44/spearmint_sprocket/Photoon2011-11-30at10182.jpg

  8. Hey hey! Were you trying to write in portuguese? If so, it's correct; you can either write 'burrito' or 'burrinho' - even though 'burro' can also mean 'dumb' in portuguese... lol Nice post, as always =)

  9. I love all your purchases! The black shoes you got at Urban by Deena and Ozzy are absolutely wonderful. I have had my eye on the red ones for about two months but am waiting to receive an email from UO saying '20% off shoes this weekend only!'

    Time will tell.

  10. THOSE SHOES ARE BITCHIN'. I do my best to support my small local businesses! woop woop.

  11. I know at least one person who'd wear those shoes in Fresno...

    And I will definitely have to check out Yoshi Now soon! Thanks for the tip. :D

  12. girl you're videos kill me everytime! so entertaining. :) some great finds. and its nice to see someone else as miniature as me shops in kids section.


  13. LMBO. I haven't even watched the video yet. You're funny.

  14. hahaha so awesome! love the 97 no doubt extra reference!

  15. i loved your video! it makes me wanna go to california just for the shopping! and your little "privilege" addition, perfect. it makes you seem aware and intelligent which are both very likable qualities. on top of you being freakin beautiful! i just love your blog and your words!

  16. i got those shoes from urbanoutfitters a few months ago and absolutely love them. i wear them practically every day. im very jealous that you were able to buy them for $30.

  17. and by the way i really appreciate your support for small businesses. i also find you very down to earth which i absolutely appreciate!

  18. errrm why are you the best ever? why do I not know you in real life. the way you talk.. the things you like.. ahhhh <33333

    Of course everything you got was super awesome. Especially the Urban Outfitter's shoes.. and I like the leggings so much too.. even though they were spendy.

    I've never shopped on Black Friday but maybe I will next year... I don't know though, I am so loyal to thrift stores.. but all the prices were really good on the things you purchased.. hmm.

    you are wonderful.

  19. dude you never cease to amuse me and crack me up. perhaps because you sometimes sound as spacey and digressive as i do? not in a bad way though of course! i find your posts always inspiring, heartfelt and downright entertaining. love every piece you got and i would've spent the $50 dollars on the leggings as well while bemoaning buying a jacket that was $10 cause I'm weird like that. I recently was trying to talk myself into video posts because people have asked what I sound like (weird) but maybe now I'll work up the nerve to. Um...end comment.

    Ok, maybe not. I have a formal request that I would die to see your digs because I imagine they'd be as amazing as your wardrobe so if you ever can work that in a post I'd be mucho stoked to see it.

    Beneath the Glass

  20. You totally scored on the urban outfitters loot ! I went in today at the urban at powell, holy smokes, place was ccc-rowed and clothes were everywhere like some atom bomb exploded in then sales section, so im glad your experience in fresno went better :) Black friday sales seem to be continuing onto some sorta pre-xmas whatever sales,making you nuts and want to just buy anything cause its on sale, its a horrible tactic. PS loving your makeup and you rock that 3rd eye ! xo

  21. I totally got the same boots from macy's a few weeks ago!! I really miss the Fresno one, the one in Monterey really sucks compared to that one which doesn't make sense at all since everyone here is supposed to be super loaded. Also really miss Yoshi. When I was watching this my boyfriend was like, "Hey! I actually know what she's talking about." I feel kind of lame for not buying anything on black Friday and missing good deals.

  22. I want the first booties!! where I can boy it online??
    Lovely *_*

  23. Totally loved that video! Made me laugh alot. And, now I like you even more, you're such a cool person :)

  24. gr8 gr8 gr8 thanks you are the best


  25. I dont know how many times I've watched this, and I still enjoy it.