141 - Crocodile Rock (oh yes, I just went there)

Dress - c/o Crystal Hearts Vintage, Motorcycle Jacket - $20 from eBay (used kid's jacket), Earrings - $5 from eBay, Necklace - $25 Melrose Trading Post flea market, Shoes - $20 from Crossroads (secondhand Alice & Olivia for Payless), Purse - Vintage (gift from a family member), Spike Pendulum Ring - $215 from Unearthen , Cuff - $1600ish from Konstantino, Filigree Ring - $200ish from Konstantino, Other Rings - $5 each from Santee Alley, Bindi - eBay

I included a little bonus up in the item descriptions and put in links to my searches on eBay. I feel like I'm an eBay searching master, so hopefully you'll enjoy what you find there. For your reference, I fit into a size 14-16 in children' jackets. Buying children's jackets is a great way to grab a good used motorcycle jacket for $20 when women's-sized pieces come in at over $100.

Also, did you appreciate my horrible cheesy dad-style Elton John reference? There was a period when I had a pixie cut and had put on a little weight where I looked exactly like Elton John.  You can click on that link for evidence. I thought the crocodile-print vintage dress from Crystal Hearts warranted the EJ tie-in. 

People who follow my strange rambling Twitter may remember that last week, I went to a fake NYE party. Los Angeles is like that -- you'll end up going to a lot of "fake" parties where people are filming things (this one was a music video), and then they eventually turn into real parties when the filming is over.  So, this was my fake NYE outfit. Brit neglected to tell me that it was supposed to be a NYE party in 1999, but I assume this is because she knew I'd dress like a '90s train wreck anyway, without provocation. Rumor has it Mischa Barton was there wearing a Timothy Leary X Wildfox Couture collab shirt "Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out" (they didn't really collab on that -- if Timothy Leary had learned a little bit more about copyright law and a little bit less about LSD, though, he could have trademarked that slogan and made a pretty penny, I'll bet).  Someone on my formspring asked if I would ever post photos of my boyfriend, since he is well-dressed and stuff, too. Here is a photo that Brit took of us at that fake-then-real party:

See? My-sized boyfriend in a matching motorcycle jacket. He is so handsome.

Here are some candid shots that will serve as an outro for the post:
Look at how cute my stupid dog is. It's ridiculous. I want her face near mine always.


  1. Love your outfit, especially the necklace! That party sounded fun, haha!

    xx maggie

  2. loving the outfit! and your dog is such a cutie! <3

  3. I'm very grateful for your twitter ramblings. I checked out asos when you said something about size 10 sale items and found a sweet dress I'll probably wear for when I get married in February.

  4. UGH. You ALWAYS have the best jewelry. Always. Love the outfit. By the way, wine lipstick stain looks really, really good on you.

    PS. Bring back the pixie cut! You look so awesome with it!

  5. thank you for rocking the bindi. you look great. I like the EJ reference. your pixie cut was super cuuute! <3

  6. So I've been sitting here thinking about this for the last 20 minutes and I still feel weird about it: the bindi.

    You've shared your thoughts on the use of the word "tribal" in fashion before and I feel like this is a semi-related topic so humor me while I get hypothetical for a minute. Suppose Santa brings you the most magnificent feathered headdress for Christmas. Would you abstain from wearing it to avoid any disrespect towards Native American culture? The headdress is visually impressive, but also a sacred ceremonial item of an ethnic minority that is and has historically been oppressed and marginalized by the race to which you belong, despite the fact that you yourself have not done any oppressing. I'm guessing this is a pretty easy "yes, I would not wear that" because 1. it's been widely discussed by Native Americans as being disrespectful and 2. you seem like pretty intelligent person who is aware of things like white privilege and 3. you're not a jerk. You may also not personally care for headdresses but that doesn't help frame this discussion like I want to.

    In your opinion, is wearing a bindi different because Indians have not had to endure attempted genocide by white Americans, as Native Americans have? Does that mean a group of people need to endure a certain level of suffering at the hands of white Americans before we definitely declare their culture to be off-limits? Alternatively, is it okay because it's an item that is no longer worn solely as a religious symbol in India? Is that the criteria we (as members of the fashion community) then should use when appropriating items from other cultures? Does that peeve you at all, as an atheist? Does Gwen Stefani realize she is kind of a creepy cultural fetishist?

    I'm not trying to be a jerk or call you out on this. I've spent a fair amount of time reading about the issue of cultural appropriation in trying to develop an informed opinion on it and I'm really interested in your thoughts. I hope all of this makes sense because I'm really hungover and my communication skills aren't exactly at their most polished. I also can't believe I just spent the last hour musing over a sparkly piece of felt stuck to someone's forehead.

    tl;dr musings on cultural appropriation

  7. KJ, thank you for taking the time to write this. I would not wear a feathered headdress because it is an item of great religious significance to a group of people whose land my family effectively stole (I am a DAR -- it hits home to me, as my family helped found this country). That, to me, would be like saying: "Hi, not only am I living on the land my people stole from yours, but I think that your little religious ceremonies are SO CUTE!" That is just wrong and gross and blech.

    However, the bindi (as you said) is no longer just a sign of religious, spiritual, or social implication. Long before we westerners started wearing them, they had already evolved in native locations to be nothing more than a decorative item. As I just said on my formspring, wearing a bindi is not any more culturally insensitive than an American doing yoga or using chopsticks or eating a burrito.

    As long as nobody is being exploited, I support elements of cultural crossover. Think about what a boring world it would be if we only embraced visual trends inherent to the geographic location into which we were born. By establishing arbitrary restrictions on our aesthetics, gourmet, architecture, reading materials, etc., we are actually contributing to a "we-they" mentality that is responsible for a lot of the irrational hatred and fear that exists in the world.

    In short: stick a piece of felt on your head, world peace is imminent. Haha, hyperbole, but you get the gist.

  8. wow you look stunning dear ♥

    feel free to join my original giveaway on my blog :)

  9. always lovely cote puppy and beau


  10. AMAZING jacket! Happy sunday! XO Rebecca


  11. Great earrings and necklace. Love the dress.

  12. Love all you have on, it's so punk-boho.


  13. Sounds like a cool party! I love the crocodile too with the necklace. Interesting comment left by J.K above too.

  14. Jack Russel's Rock! She looks just like mine :)

  15. your dog is sooooo freakin cute!

    love all your jewels

  16. Those are really cool boots!


  17. Another amazing outfit! I need a crocodile print dress now.
    Your dog looks just like one of my in-laws dogs! Too cute!


  18. Your blog is amongst our absolute favorites to browse through! We love this ensemble. As always, you look smashing!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


  19. Your so good at what you do ! the accessories are perffffffect !

  20. love your dress and shoes! they really suit you

    Fashion and Style Blog

  21. Loving your dress it is gorgeous and the print is fab love how you styled it xoxo

  22. Your comments on your boyfriend and your dog are so freaking cute!

  23. Btw, I have to say that I love your blog followers. Unlike a lot of other blogs, I actually enjoy reading the comments you receive. It makes sense - because you write intelligent blog posts, you get intelligent responses. I personally agree with you on the bindi...but I really enjoyed reading the discussion around it.

  24. love the fact that you're not just some fashion bloggers who post outfit pictures but also post smart thoughts

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  25. okay just stop already. You are seriously fan fuggin tastic in every way. NOT TO MENTION an intelligent and well worded woman that makes me proud to rock a bindi.


  26. amazing dress and dog :))


  27. this is literally theeeee best outfit. ever.
    lovelovelove everything about it.
    & your eyes look so green in these photos!

  28. oh man the crocodile print dress is pretty insane indeed.