Interlude - Armenta (or) Make Me a Dress Entirely Out of This Jewelry Please

I have a soft spot for jewelry (shocker!). In particular, I love fancy jewelry. Like, we're talking REALLY fancy jewelry. Something about the precious metals and meticulous craftsmanship just makes me swoon. Jewelry is such a special thing to me, like acquiring an heirloom. It's both timeless and an indication of cultural history.


Behold! Freaking rad pieces by Armenta, the line from Emily Armenta (a beautiful pixie-sized woman with a smile and energy as engaging as her jewelry). I can't even handle it. I need these to be on me always. The craftsmanship is simply breathtaking -- each piece is handmade in Armenta's US design studio, with tens of hours spent on every style. The craftsmen have been individually trained regardless of background or original skill-set. Each employee at Armenta is hired based on their spirit and passion, rather than their resume -- the Vice President of Product Development was originally the custodian at the owner's office space!

Bonus: when attempting to survive a post-apocalyptic society structured by a barter-based economic system, some genuine precious metals will get you far, my friends. It's an investment in your future, really.


  1. holy crap i've found my new obsession. gorgeous!

  2. These look so medieval. I freaking love the Armenta Wing of Fortune Ring; I thought it was a bangle at first! Oh man, to think that all of the money I've made this year wouldn't even cover the cost for that ring. Mindblowing.

  3. gaah! those are really nice. you will be best prepared for post-apocalyptic life.. I am glad to get this tip, thank you.

  4. Hey Madeline,
    I bought a pair of these (not from AA, but similar ones) cause I love big jewelry and I thought they were rad, but I'm a white girl and I feel kind of funny... are they some kind of cultural appropriation or something?


    Cheers, and happy New Year.