148 - Stealth Mode!

Jacket - Ralph Lauren, Bralet - Urban Outfitters, Shorts - Vintage, Boots - Vintage, Belt - Hat Band from Urban Outfitters Hat

You see that strange white ghost in the bottom photo? That's the dog Brit told you about, Luna. Luna was supposed to stay the night at our house for one evening, but my boyfriend had a hard time letting go of her, so now we are all pretty sure that Luna is Lamson's dog. Mo-Dog is mildy amused by her half the time, and completely nonplussed the other half. Anyway, dog stuff is not related to fashion stuff, so that's all I will say on that issue.

I think it's pretty funny how this outfit just blends in to my natural environment of Koreatown. Behold! A wooded thicket! In front of a Denny's! Har-har. This is the jacket I showed you in my Black Friday video, and it's pretty awesome. It's the lightest weight out of my three military jackets. Also, it's been stupid hot here lately, so it seemed perfectly acceptable to wear a bra and booty shorts out in public. Really, Koreatown should just be glad I got dressed at all. The jacket was just a gesture towards decency.

I haven't been outfit blogging as much lately because Tunnel Vision sucked up all of my free time! Brit and I were working like maniacs to get everything ready to launch on Friday, and WOOOOO did it pay off! We had a launch that was infinitely better than we ever could have hoped! I feel so honored and fortunate to have the support of so many amazing individuals. So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. Thank you for your kind words, your encouragement, your feedback, your orders, etc. If there is ever anything we can do to help return the favor, you let us know! Also, if you have any additional feedback, please email it to me or leave it in the comments below! The harsher the critique, the better chance we have of growing to better provide for y'all. 

Since everything started selling out like CRAZY within the first four hours we were open, I wanted to let you guys know four things:

1. You can see all in-stock items here: http://shoptunnelvision.com/collections/still-in-stock
2. I know it's hard to find larger sizes in vintage stores, so you can see all Size Large and Size Extra Large items here: http://shoptunnelvision.com/collections/sizes-large-and-extra-large
3. Everything already ordered will ship from California on Tuesday via USPS
4. For those of you shoppin' on a budget, I've put together a grouping of in-stock items that are $40 or less: http://shoptunnelvision.com/collections/in-stock-and-under-40

Items in-stock and $40 or less include the following, plus much more:

Okay, I promise to try not to spam you with TV stuff on my personal blog. I am just very excited right now, so it all comes spewing out! Gah!


  1. Gorgeous look...

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
    SHOP: www.saboskirt.com
    BLOG: www.saboskirt.blogspot.com

  2. I like your bralet it looks good with ur shorts :)


  3. Love this jacket, not to worry, that is a solid nod to decency in the heat. I'm absolutely in love with Tunnel Vision - been through the website like 5 times on the first day - and so happy to hear how well you both did!

  4. That last candid shot with the dog is so cute!

    And the Tunnel Vision launch was amazing - such an incredibly generous discount code! Which, in effect, led me to pay more for international shipping than for my actual item, but I couldn't be happier to have purchased my hoodie, and I'm excited to show off Tunnel Vision in cold northern England! ;) I really think that nowadays with all the mass produced, throwaway clothing around, it's just more of an ethical approach to consumerism to wear something that's pre-loved - especially if you can buy it off a small, female-run business.

    Love the way the website looks, and how easy you've made it to browse through on a budget, too. Sensible for the students among us.

  5. Love this outfit so much! So laid back but so put together at the same time! I was checking out Tunnel Vision yesterday, & 50% was an INSANE discount!


  6. oh this is lovely! bralets are the best <3 i've just realised how beautiful your eyes are- not to sound weird or anything, but the colour and shape is enchanting!! lucky you! (: xxx

  7. This outfit is just perfect. The coat especially. xx

  8. Does that mean you guys are going to start a Tunnel Vision blog? I know that'd be a lot of work, but we'd all adore you for it! I looove the store and can't wait for my order to arrive :) You've inspired me to break out the bleach & scissors and start "renewing" some vintage items of my own.

  9. Where art thow Madeline?!
    I havent heard from you in a fort night! haha.
    Hope all is well for you love and you had a wonderful new Year.
    This post is exquisite as usual. ;)


  10. nice outfit *-*
    lovely place you are!

  11. Congrats on the launch of TV, those photos (post below) are amazing ! (Im crossing my fingers tightly for a photoshop tutorial on how to get that neat-o rainbow, psychedelic beach bum effect?).
    And you look lovely with your hair up, that bralet btw is adorable. xo

  12. I'm so happy for TV and it's success already just in the first week. I love outfit, although it's a bit more revealing than I'd ever go for (I'm not THAT confident about my body..yet), I could totally see myself wearing this thanks to that big ass parka. Parkas always saving the day, what's new?

  13. Gorgeous! Love those shorts.. and your hair! xx

  14. It'd be much obliged if I could have your entire wardrobe, thanks xxx

  15. Cute! I live, like, two blocks from there in K-Town. Enjoy your weekend!

  16. I'm utterly infatuated with your style! I live in Chicago, so our weather is really too extreme for anything like this, unfortunately. Anyways, I'll definitely have to check out your shop - congrats for the launch! :)

  17. ohhh mahh gahhhh you have NO IDEA how excited I am about that dress. it was literally one of those pieces where I was like "if I don't buy this, I know I'll still be regretting it 20 years from now." seriously though, the website & design & styling & lookbook all turned out beyond amazing. you guys deserve all the success in the world!

    also, since we're finally experiencing a real winter in the east coast now, just know that I'm crying with jealousy every time I see you wearing bralets & booty shorts while I'm bundling up in a bajillion layers & getting frost bitten when I step outside. ughhhhh. & how have I never noticed how GORGEOUS your eyes are until now?!

    okay. ending small essay of a comment.

  18. Ah so cute!! My cats name is Luna LOL. Follow each other?




  19. you have a kinda rebellious yet cute style!
    love the army jacket & boots so much!!

    xoxo, Izzaura

  20. You are just too great! Love your blog.
    I saw you down in the fashion district a few weeks back before I left for NYC.
    I was too blogger struck to say hello!

    ☮ Lisa Ann

  21. I'm totally digging this look! It's one type of look I had in mind for Coachella actually! Saved for inspiration :)

    xo Jennifer


  22. I love the look! I have a combat boot collection as well. I just bought a gunmetal pair from Dirty Laundry and plan on living in them all year!