149 - Harley Hat (or) More 1970's Glam-Biker Shiz

Hat - Vintage from Reveille , Shirt - Vintage, Pants - Santee Alley, Boots - Thrifted, Bag - Military Surplus, Jewelry - Konstantino (mostly), Jacket - UNIF c/o Nasty Gal

So, I am wearing four things that I absolutely LOVE in this outfit.

1. This leather Harley Davidson hat. WTF. How is it real? It's from Reveille, a vintage/new store in Portland owned by two friends. They have a webshop here.
2. These leggings. They are my favorite thing ever. If I were a cartoon character and could only have one outfit by which people identified me into perpetuity, it would definitely involve these.
3. These thrifted shoes. They were supposed to be Tunnel Vision stock, but they aren't in the best shape. So, instead, I grabbed 'em for myself to wear into the ground until they completely fall apart.
4. This effing rad UNIF jacket from Nasty Gal. You know how jackets never fit me? Well this sucker fits LIKE A GLOVE (say it like how Jim Carry said it in Ace Ventura when he pulls into that parking spot, okay?).  You can't quite tell with the oversized asymmetrical radness going on, but the arms and shoulders fit perfectly. I think it's probably on account of Christeric Christine being so tiny herself. So yeah, UNIF makes tiny jackets, for all you tiny ladies out there. Also, the inside of this one looks like it was made out of Luna-Dog's excess fur. WIN.

So there you have it. That completed my glam biker look.

Apparently the Golden Globes were today. I don't much care about the awards, but it was fun to see people all dressed up in fancy clothes...and there's that creepy thing where I want to make Emma Stone my best friend.

SPEAKING OF CELEBRITIES, Casey Strawberry* and my friend Ceilidh and I saw Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top at the flea market today! It blew my mind. I started jumping up and down shrieking; he turned around as I watched him walk by, and he did a little half wave with a smile, as though he were saying, "Yes, peon. Acknowledge my greatness." And I did. I acknowledged his greatness HARD. 

*In case you were wondering, Casey is BEAUTIFUL in person -- I mean, she photographs gorgeously, but even those don't do her justice. Just, WOW. Furthermore, she is very funny and kind and smart and interesting. 


  1. No way! You met Casey! And you were at the Melrose trading post today! WITH HER! WHAT! This is frustrating.. I was there today from 2-5.. I'm so angry! Why didn't I run into you guys!!!! Dammit.

    You've also made me want to purchase this jacket. I don't even like jackets like this but you've styled it so perfectly that I MUST HAVE IT NOW. SERIOUSLY. I'M GOING TO PURCHASE THIS, RIGHT NOW. I DON'T EVEN THINK CAPS DO JUSTICE TO SHOW TO NEW HEIGHTS MY ANGER LEVEL HAS HIT AND HOW MUCH I WANT THIS JACKET.

    Why didn't I see you guys!??!!!! :(

  2. Oh that hat!!!! Harley Davidson anything is just surreal to me.. It's all *wipes drool off keyboard* perrrrrrrffffect..

  3. Those shoes are like THE MOST perfect shoes I've ever seen! I love 'em!

  4. Love the snake skin leggins. Such a nice print. I did an outfit post on a snake print dress this weekend :) www.mediamarmalade.com xx

  5. Your outfit is insanely rad! I love your jacket! And those rings... so jealous, totally wish I had rings that cool.

    xx maggie

  6. this outfit is your best so far!! amazing.

  7. WOW!
    kinda speechless here.. your style is just amazing!!! the coat's great, the legging's cool, the accessories are awesome too!! and that killer boots..!
    original style ♥

    xoxo, Izzaura

  8. Amazing coat. Great leggings. Love the jewelry.

  9. That hat is so you!

  10. you look like the ultimate seventies babe. i love that coat, i neeeeed one like that in my life. xxx


  11. i LOVEEEE ur coat, you look amazinggg :) xxxxx

  12. You have BEAUTIFUL clothes! This outfit is GORGEOUS.

  13. great outfit as always *-*/
    love your style!

  14. I have the same problem with jackets!! 5 ft 98 lbs...not really an average size. I just won an AMAZING jacket on Ebay that was made in the 70's for a hippie teen woo woo! Brown suede, thigh length, and a fur collar!I can't wait to get that baby in my hands. LOVE this look!!! xo


  15. You are too kind! We will have to hang out again before I leave. Also, HELL yes to that coat and those $592349823 rings. ;-)

  16. i love this outfit!!!

  17. You pull of biker chic with such sweetness, totally minus the bull-dike effect (which in some cases are awesome too but..). And that jacket is insanity..hand it over mama ! xo

  18. i love your rings - you have a great collection!




  20. im way behind on blog reading, and since i finally caught up on your blog. as much as i want to leave a comment on every single post, i'm going to have to condense them into one long one, sorry:

    1. looove the hat! i own a harley motorcycle shop, so should you ever need to rid yourself of that hat, feel free to pass it my way, hehe.
    2. those leggings are to die for as well, so see above
    3. your face is beautiful and your skin is flawless, just so you know
    4. the pics of you and your boyfriend are just too cute. what is his ethnicity?
    5. so absolutely infatuated with Tunnel Vision, and I am in no way surprised at how amazing you launch was; totally bummed I missed it though! got my eye on some stuff though! if you want to put a banner on my blog I'm more than happy to support you guys!
    6. i think your illustrations are rad, so as mentioned in your earlier post, i'd love to have one done of me should you have the time and the desire to do so.
    7. I think Casey is gorgeous, so jealous you get to hang out with her in real life!
    8. my mind has gone blank on what else I was going to comment on, but yeah, you're awesome

    Beneath the Glass

  21. Love that jacket, I'm considering on buying it from Nasty Gal. I have the same prob w/jackets, so this looks so good on you, hope the same for me. ;)


  22. That jacket is amazing looks so good on you loving the snake print leggings xoxo

  23. ahhh! I can't believe that you and Casey got to hang out and that you saw ZZ Top! waaaahh I am so jealous. I want to come to LA and meet you and Brit. blahh.

    your leggings ARE sweet. I love those guys, I am happy about your jacket fitting super well. :D SUCCESS!

  24. well hello awesomeness!!!!

    x Nicol

  25. such a good taste...!!

    hey girls why don't you visit my new online shop?? vintage and unique pieces, every day new items!! :)



  26. That is so cool that you hung out with Casey. I'm dying to meet another blogger. I feel so isolated from fashion interested people up here in Canada. Speaking of Canada, I could use a fluffy coat like that right now! It's so effing cold. I really like how the hat just suits yo so well. The leggings are such a cool pattern and THOSE BOOTS! The chunkiness is so fresh. I love you. I hope everything is going well with tunnel vision. I sat at my computer and pouted while looking at every last item because I am broke! Woo!

  27. i watched your tutorial on dying your hair with koolaid and i want to try it too! so thanks a bunch! but i got a question... how long did it last? was it damaging at all to your hair? i just bleached my hair a couple times so i dont want to torture it too much more. ALSO i want pink but i dont think pink koolaid exists..or would work, do you think red would turn out pink at all?

    blahsomuch hope you can help me out. :)

  28. I somehow found you blog last night, and I spent a little more time than I'd like to admit looking through it. And I just have to tell you, you are amazing! I love your style and I want every single thing in your close,haha! This is without a doubt my new favorite blog. I also love your shop, I bought a jacket and I can not wait to wear it! Just wish I didn't live in Norway cause it will take forever to get it. Anyways, now i sound like a crazy stalker, but I just never find blogs that are truly inspiring and yours is! xx Charlotte Aurora

  29. Love all those rings! You rock the jewelries! very nice outfit. Such a great blog! Take a look at mine and if you want we can follow each others.

  30. That is an amazing jacket! LOVE!

    xo Jennifer


  31. I just love everything that you`re wearing.


  32. This look is giving me a heart attack... dont do this to me... Im too young to die...


  33. all kinds of wonderful happening here. the fucking hat???
    so in love.

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