Interlude - Leather Shorts

I just ordered these faux leather shorts from Romwe, and it inspired me to make a couple of Polyvore sets about how to wear leather shorts.


I definitely don't feel like black lipstick is dead yet. I think it's actually having a mini-revival-revival. Also, I have been desperately seeking a pair of strappy black platforms that look a little bit Cher from Clueless. I think these babies do the trick. They are Steve Maddens, and while I will not purchase them because I am trying to no longer purchase new previously-unused leather items, you can bet that I'll be scouring eBay for these bad boys on the off chance that some fashionable gal in the know accidentally breaks her ankle on them or something and decides to get rid of them fast.


Tennis shoes! What a novel idea. This whole outfit kinda reminds me of this chick:
Her blog is called India Rose. Her style is in some ways the same as mine but totally opposite, if that makes sense. I love how effortless it is. That's a word that will never be used to describe my look, but I respect it immensely on other people. She wears tennis shoes a lot, too, which I think is really rad.