158 - Band Aids: The Ultimate Fashion Accessory

Bustier - c/o 2020 Ave, Leggings - American Apparel, Flannel - Vintage, Boots - Alice + Olivia for Payless from Crossroads, Crescent Moon Necklace - gift from Brit, Ankh Necklace - Taddeos, Rings - Konstantino

Yup, that's a Band-Aid on my shoulder. Sometimes my purses give me terrible shoulder rashes, so I wear Band-Aids there as a purse-strap buffer. Yesssss, sexy, I know. Oooh lala.

How rad is that ankh necklace? It was made by one of my coworkers, then another one of my coworkers bought it for me as a present. They are just too awesome, all of them. I really recommend checking the webshop out. It's called Taddeos.

Also, it was like a billion degrees when I left the house, but then by the time I got to Brit's, it magically turned like five degrees, so I was doing the dance of freezing coldness in that second picture, yelling, "THAT'S FINE, I'M PUTTING MY FLANNEL ON NOW, I'M PUTTING IT ON, ARE WE DONE? WE ARE DONE! PITCHARS TAKEN." The flannel didn't look so nice over the outfit, so I didn't make her photograph me in a state of warm repose. The bustier is from my newest sponsor, 2020 Ave. They have a lot of goodies that are in an affordable price range, like THIS THING which is only $23 and THIS THING which is only $28.

Speaking of deals, we implemented this new idea with Tunnel Vision. We know that vintage is expensive, and it kinda has to be for us to break even, but we like everyone so much and stuff, so we came up with a compromise. Here is how it works: we are going to do a big massive update to the shop every month. On that update-day, all of our Facebook fans will get 50% off of new arrivals, just that one day only, and only on the new additions. That means that if you don't get it then, it's gonna be it's regular price into perpetuity, until some un-facebook-savvy shopper picks it up at full price. We figured out Facebook fans are probably on the younger side and more budget-conscious, so we thought it seemed like a fair way to give those who need it a good price break. We're going to try to always update on or around the second pay-day of every month. We're shooting for this Friday for the next big update, so like us on Facebook if you haven't already and watch for the new listings and the discount code.

Lastly, before I go (gosh this was rambly), I want to write more about things that matter. The problem is that I've run out of ideas. Do you have any fashion-related thoughts that you'd be interested in seeing me address? Let me know. I'm in a concept-block right now.

PS: Yes, I know my leggings are baggy. It's a real issue. My legs aren't even that skinny! How did I stretch them out?!


  1. Great look. Especially love the clashing patterns.


  2. this is so gorgeous! I'm in love with the bustier. I also really appreciate what you're doing through facebook through tunnel vision. I'll definitely be checking out those promotions, because I'm so in love with everything you and Brit are selling!!!

  3. Love it! Super fantastic top!



  4. Love your bustier! Looks wicked, especially paired with your leggings.

    xx maggie

  5. love those printed leggings, the whole outfit is smashing! <3


  6. wonderful


  7. I love the bustier! And you always have such fantastic jewelry.

  8. OMG You look freakin amazing in this pictures! Modelicious much? I'm following you now.

    Goodwill Huntingg

  9. I so envy your California weather! here is dark, cold and snowy right now. Blah.

    You look great as usual!

  10. Very fierce look, I love it!
    You look awesome :-)

  11. love the leggings cool look!!
    http://imjustmefashionblog.blogspot.com :)

  12. Wow, that bustier! It's so perfect I could cry!

  13. Love this outfit! You make the plaster work (or band aid as you say) Necklace is pretty cool too!!!

  14. This is so freaking good and awesome and every other obvious adjective that comes to mind when beholding a genius getup. (Actually I think the flannel adds a punch to the whole outfit and works out just right.) Also I LoLed at the bandaid. But seriously it looks badass, so we know it was destined to be a part of this look anyway!!

    And also (I'm blabbing too) I'm having a hard time myself thinking of good things to write, but I think my brains are out of commission. Blame it on the time of the year- brains go into hibernation during the winter, so all I feel like doing is drooling on the couch in front of the TV...

  15. very sassy :) love you in black and white. or anything really.

  16. pitchars taken LOL, I swear I love ya more with each post. This outfit is so good. aaand I have the baggy legging issue as well! grr

  17. awesome, per usual. I actually really like the flannel with the outfit. and i love ankhs! i have a thing for egyptian anything and am trying to come up with a tattoo that has something egyptian-ish. any ideas?

    oh and yeah about the FB deal!!! except I seem to always miss out because i forget to check back...you can give me a heads up, wink wink.

    issues to discus...hm. well, i don't know how you feel about blogging, popularity, etc, but for some reason I was totally irritated about the bloglovin awards and the fact that the same people won/were nominated. rumi won again for best personal style? first of all, who gets choose the nominees? second, i don't think previous winners should be eligible again. third, there's no diversity, it's only the most popular, designer wearing, pro photographer boyfriend having girls who seem to win...am i alone in this? my point being is that there are a zillion other blogs I would have chosen to nominate who, in my opinion, have way more "personal" style than the "famous" ones who get free designer clothes and such. i like rumi n' all, but i feel her style is not really her own anymore, it's a product of her sponsors and such. am i making sense here or just sounding like a green eyed bitch? i like to think people get my drift.

    okay, done with my rambling, now that i've written an essay on your comment page. i just get tired of fashion blogs being a popularity contest instead of based on style and personality and substance.

    Beneath the Glass

  18. stunning outfit!!!
    love the shoes, pretty awesome!

  19. Don't worry, my snakeskin leggings are embarrassingly baggy from the knee down.

    Also, echoing Beneath the Glass's suggestion for a potential blog post discussion. I have no real knowledge of the Bloglovin awards, but I do see some bloggers who seem to deviate from their original style and adopt a style that is based around their sponsors because they just don't want to lose that sponsorship. (Then there are bloggers that are like you and Casey, who manage to find sponsors that mirror their original styles perfectly, which is great.) I've been offered all of one sponsorship thus far in my blogging career and had to turn it down because it was in the absolute OPPOSITE direction of my style, and I felt like I would just be cheating not just my readers, but my own self.

  20. loving your bustier <3