162 - In Which Madeline Befriends A Variety of Plant Life Whilst Attempting to Dress Like Dolly Parton

Shirt - c/o 2020 Ave, Shorts - Vintage Levi's Cut-Offs, Boots - Vintage, Belt - Vintage (children's -- bordering on inappropriate cultural appropriation, but I'm going to be okay with it because it is SUPER old vintage), Jewelry - Konstantino & Flea Market Finds, Jacket - Holiday Gift from Mi Novio (vintage from the flea market)

Gettin' back to my roots here. Everything is vintage except for the Konstantino jewelry and the shirt, which was a gift from my newest sponsor, 2020 Ave. I was happy to work with 2020 Ave because they have really great price-points and a large selection of product. For anyone who doesn't like to throw down big dollars on new articles of clothing, they are a great alternative to mall goliaths like F21. They are the same folks who gifted me that bustier I wore in the outfit where I really should have had my hair down and worn a beanie, but waddayagonnado. If these are my regrets, I have lived a life of no uncertain privilege. 

Okay, so I wore this outfit to go to my boyfriend's school with him to drop off a camera lens he had rented. We both got out of the car for about half a second when my dogs stomped on the door lock and locked themselves in the car, us out of the car, the key in the ignition. Great. Way to go, dogs. Fortunately, it was a bit chilly, otherwise I would have had to bash a window open so that they didn't overheat (okay, it would have been a little bit fun to break a window). While we waited for the locksmith, we explored this little wooded area around his school, and since he had his camera in hand, and since I have not been updating ye ol' blog as often lately, it kind of worked out perfectly. 

The first thing I found was this cactus. A cactus! Why?! Why were you there, cactus? I stood next to him. "TAKE MY PICTURE NEXT TO THIS CACTUS!" I commanded of my boyfriend. He seemed nonplussed with the cactus idea. I thought the cactus matched my outfit, but he thought the lighting was too weird. I got one cactus photo, though, and it is my favorite out of the bunch, even if technically, it is on the wonky side. So, then we went into this wooded thicket where I met a variety of other plants. Still, none of them were quite as enthralling as that cactus.

Two more points before I cut the rambling:

1. Yes, I am trying to make cowboy boots "happen" again. I had saved these from my teenage years when cowboy boots had enjoyed popularity. They are the perfect vintage cowboy boot, so I held onto them, thinking, "Someday I will wear you again." Since cowboy booties are in fashion, I thought I'd throw caution to the wind and go with the full boot. Take that, mainstream western wear micro-trends. 

2. I totally conquered that hill in the third photo. Check me out, all victorious. Hill = dominated.


  1. I love that the cactus is almost as tall as you! Heck, i just love all cacti.
    The print on those cowboy boots is amazing, more than enough to bring them back. Mad props to the boyfriend on that jacket!

  2. The third picture looks like something out of a magazine! Love this outfit post. And i'm with ya on cowboy boots... I still wear mine and don't plan on giving them up anytime soon.

    ☮ Lisa Ann


  3. I definitely think cowboy boots have potential to come back into style. I keep seeing fashionable-looking girls wearing them here and there. Make it so, Madeline! I am seriously digging the southwestern vibe in this, between the boots, the sweater, and the bling. ♥

    Ahh, I miss cacti. I miss everything about the west, especially the part where you can wear short shorts in February. I think we still have a good month and a half (or more) of 40-60 degree weather to go, here.

  4. Really great outfit!!! I especially like the skirt and boots!


  5. Beautiful! Your denim shorts are perfect <3

  6. absolutely amazing! loove this so much ♥

  7. Such a beautiful place, and I don't know how you're doing it in flat boots, but your legs seem endless!


    1. Ha! I stand on my tip-toes in seriously every photo!

  8. Cowboys can happen again, I have faith in you haha

  9. I'm loving the top <3

  10. Lumpy awesome cactus+Madeline= me like. Watch out, you might be receiving an email soon with a request to cite him in your blog as inspiration. Its nice to see you out and about in action in the elements, that sunny glow is ethereal ! I guess that not so pleasant occurrence was a good one, these photos are awesome. Oh man, you channel a Dolly Parton like no other, it suits you so well. I wish I would have saved some items from teendom, I wouldn't have to buy all over again, and please hand over that sweater and no one will get hurt. x

  11. This outfit is amazing! I want every single thing that makes it lol


  12. I don't think I could ever, EVER make cowboy boots work, but you definitely do. They compliment your style well, they would just make me look like some sort of space cowboy from 8430. Anyway, I really like the orange top you're wearing, nice!

  13. I thought I would never say this, but your outfit looks great with the cowboy boots! (They are not my favorite shoe nor have they ever been). I also love the cutout top.

    xx maggie

  14. cuteee look :D


  15. ha ha. i loved your title! but you dont look like dolly, thank god :D

  16. Haha this entire post is hilarious. I love that third photo.. It's like you're shouting 'bow down to me and my cowboy boots, bitch' with your facial expression.

  17. love the boots!


  18. I love those vintage cowboy boots! I'm a huge fan of cowboy boots... nothing going better with a pair of cut offs when it's still too cold for sandals.

  19. Your blog is sicky! And I mean that in the best way possible! So good. I saw your "Ramble On" video on another blog and was so happy to listen to you voice so many truths and traps within fashion blogging. You are very articulate and fun to listen/watch. Thanks so much! I'm so glad I got to stumble on your blog!