163 - Basically Garth

Coat - c/o Lamb & Flag (LOVE, go check it outz if'ns ya fancy), Flannel - thrifted, Cropped ribbed tank top - Urban Outfitters clearance section ($5!), Shorts - c/o Romwe, Jewelry - Konstantino & a truck stop (seriously), Boots - Doc Martens via eBay

Don't I basically look like a female Garth from Wayne's World in this outfit?

I actually feel like this is not the first time I've made this comparison... Garth is pretty much my ideal man, so it's not that big of a deal either way. Helloooooo, foxy.

So, yes, this outfit is pretty grungy. It is uber-comfortable and perfect for LA's schizophrenic approach to winter (Hi, it's 75 degrees! Now it's 45!). I like that the shorts have a baggy yet still relatively-high-rise fit. Also, I picked up both the white and black version of this tank top from the clearance section at Urban Outfitters for just $5 each. I LOVE THEM. They just go with everything and are a perfect layering piece. Isn't that such a stupid cliche thing to say? "What a great layering piece." Who do I think I am over here? But it's true, I tell you! Are you ready for the next cliche fashion-y thing? It's even worse, I promise. I ADDED THE SHOES FOR A BIT OF COLOR-POP. I know! It's true, too, though! I went "POP!" when I put them on. I am probably the first person in the world who has used Docs for a pop of color. The gods of grunge and punk are surely staring down at me with wrath right now.

Before I forget, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who watched my rambling video! The feedback was amazing. I really appreciate all of you so much. Isabel posted a great video response on her blog. Ms. Frannie Pantz posted a great write-up about why she blogs, as well. Check it out, folks.

Lastly, I've been asked on Tumblr and Formspring before why I don't smile in my blog photos. It's because when I try to smile, this happens:
That's what about half of my blog outtakes look like. PURDY LADY. Dontcha wanna dance up on me? Mmmhmmm, get it.


  1. those boots are sick.. and man, wayne's world, what a hilarious film. Love it.

  2. OH MY GOD MADELINE YOU'RE TOO FUNNY! I actually spat out my orange juice when I scrolled down to the last photo haha! As usual, I love your grungy style, especially the thigh length coat! AAHH gotta get myself one for the coming winter. I know how you feel about the weather :( Sydney's weather has been bipolar as well, bright blue skies one second then oceans of rain the next. I hope your spring/summer will be better than mine!

  3. always adore your 90's grunge tomboy look!! love the military parka, the leather short & boots!! awesome rock!

    cheers, izzaura

  4. I love your coat
    I want your coat
    Gimme your coat!


  5. I think Everything amazing ! and I don't think you couldn't look like a purdy lady, no matter what !

  6. yeah really cool!!!!!
    I love it....
    tough style:-)))

  7. omg. your coat, your shoes, <3 everythings perfect.

  8. you are such an inspirational person! i love your outfits. and your posts lately have been so thought provoking! i love when share your thoughts the way that you do. your are inspiring on a fashion level and on a personal level (especially with your responses on formspring).

    i feel like i can be in a place that makes me happy because of how you express yourself to "your readers"- for lack of better words, as i know you do not favor that phrase haha. keep being that intelligent, great, and freaking awesome chick you are!! :)

  9. Ahah, so funny! xD
    I love this look, especially the coat! (:


  10. Amazing, one of my fave movies ever!

    Thea Natalie @ Creatures of Life

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  11. Having the ill blog crush on you. I'm in love with your Docs and those shorts are cute!

    xx Jacqueline

  12. I love grungy aesthetics so your style is perfect in my mind! I absolutely adore the layering of this outfit and your boots are stunning xxx

  13. you are awesome... especially in that last photo :D

    love this look. simple & grunge. i like... it's a better version of my daily look.


    the video below is awesome. i've been inspired... maybe a video is in the future for bravegrrl... although that sounds like a whole lotta effort... hmmmmmm

  14. GARTH! YES!

    ugh & my bangs aren't completely gone yet. just hidden under my beanies everyday in the most awkward grown out stage. give me another month before I get annoyed with their lack of growth & cut them again.

  15. What size shoe are you? I'm going to hunt you down and steal those Docs... that's how much I love seeing you wear them :) And yes, they do add a 'pop' of color.

    xx maggie

  16. Oh my gosh, I WANT your coat! I've been wanting some big, over-sized, utilitarian, army green coat to wear with cutoff shorts or a mini skirt for some time now. I love that you paired yours with those hot leather lace-up shorts. You look adorable in the most delightfully grungy way.


    P.S. That face of yours in the last picture makes me question my sexuality. What a hottie! ;)

  17. I have just seen your video "Ramble On" and I love it. Found it on Alyssa's Ordinary Peoples blog.
    I totally agree with what you say. I can see "buying followers by buying trends" and all the other points all the time in our fashion blogger community. It is important to stay true to yourself.
    You seem so nice in that video I like your character and how you talk. Thanks for that!

  18. haha oh i love you way too much. the last bit of that post completely caught me by surprise. you are. awesome. :)

  19. Hahaha I laughed a lot reading this post and the last picture topped it off!

  20. simply awesome :)))

  21. i love your jacket, it's so cool!


  22. Personally, I think you should only post pictures like the last one.