Interlude - 30-Second Runway Reviews, Fall 2012!

NYFW is upon us, and you know what that means around these parts: time for my 30-Second Fashion Week Reviews! This installment focuses on my absolute favorites from the runway thus far. 

FALL 2012
Ooh, girl, I love you so!

Nicholas K
All I really want out of life is to be a futuristic motorcycle medicine woman who heals New Mexican cowboys. Nicholas K understands that, and for this, the brother-sister team is officially my new favorite NYFW designing duo. Nicholas K, I am officially out of paper crowns. I'll have my people send your people some gold stars...ninja stars, that is. Also, by "my people" I mean my cock-a-poo and my arguably overweight dachshund. You'd be surprised at how much they can accomplish despite lacking opposable thumbs.

Suno, from whom are we hiding and why are we in a garden? Seriously, this collection borders on an unexpected feminine grunge aesthetic because it's like an attempt at floral camo. Screw the Garden Party, this here is a Garden Militia, and I love it. Sign me up -- my weapon of choice is hot tea. Scald! Scald! Retreat! Repeat! Good plan, Suno. They will never see us comin'.

Mara Hoffman
The team over at Mara Hoffman must have had an Alejandro Jodorowsky movie night recently or something. Holy Mountain, right? Did I get it? Am I in on the joke? Because I mean one time a friend dragged me to see Holy Mountain at this strange little independent movie theater that is semi-secretly owned by Quentin Tarantino and I nearly watched the whole thing and when it was over I pretended to understand it and everything. So, can we hang out later or what?

Kimberly Ovitz
Nobody does 1998 Givenchy by Alexander McQueen like 2012 Kimberly Ovitz. That sounded snarky, but I swear it's actually a legitimate compliment. We've mourned, and now the world is ready for a new McQueen. Kimmy, baby, keep on givin' us all you've got...and let me borrow that dress on the far right...I've got a thing coming up in a couple of weeks.