Interlude - Davy Jones

I am so freaking bummed out to hear that Davy Jones passed away today. I grew up watching Nick at Night reruns of The Monkees, hopelessly in love with Davy Jones like every tween girl who had come thirty years before me. In fact, my attraction to stylish men who are short in stature probably stemmed from this initial preoccupation with the ever-fashionable Davy Jones, who stood at just 5'3".

Here are some videos from The Monkees. I'm going to watch them now and fall in love with Davy Jones all over again.

1. The Monkees Theme Song 

As a kid, I tried to make my friends perfect that cross-over Monkees walk with me on the playground.

2. I'm a Believer

This was the first song I learned how to play on ukulele.

3. Daydream Believer

I texted my boyfriend the sad news about Davy Jones, to which he replied, "Cheer up sleepy Jean...Greige." So clever, that one.

4. Last Train to Clarksville

This is my favorite Monkees song ever. I'm forcing Lamson (boyfriend) to play it for me tonight when he gets home from school. I'll probably cry, because I'm apparently a crazy person who is fixated on a celebrity from my childhood with way too much personal emphasis.