164 - Cut & Cozy with a Case of Puffy Face

Sweater - Vintage, Tank Top - Vintage then cut off, Velvet Leggings - Forever 21 (super old), Boots - c/o Romwe (freaking love these boots), Belt - Vintage, Jewelry - Konstantino

I can occasionally get a case of really extreme Puffy Face. Do you guys ever get this? I basically have the least-healthy diet on the planet, so I just consume salt and sugar all day long, and I don't drink nearly enough water (I know -- terrible, I'm working on it...). As a result of this, some mornings I will wake up with an insanely swollen face. One morning in college, my face was so swollen when I woke up that I couldn't open my eyes. My boyfriend at the time thought it was freaking hilarious. I seriously couldn't see anything and had to stay home until the "swelling" went down (I mean, it's not really swelling -- it's from water retention). So, on the day these photos were taken (the day before yesterday), I had woken up with a pretty bad case of Puffy Face. You might not notice because I just made these photos as bright as possible, but I can assure you that the result is pretty funny IRL. I actually frightened a hostess at the restaurant where I ate lunch the day these pictures were taken.

Whenever I feel like I'm having a gnarly face-day, I always want to wear extremely comfortable clothes, so I opted for a cozy sweater, super worn-in ribbed tank top that I had cropped just by cutting across with scissors, and a pair of velvet leggings. A comfortable outfit can do just that sometimes: comfort you. 

Moving right along, those of you who follow me on Tumblr or Twitter or Instagram have probably seen this photo:

I dyed my hair lime green last night, inspired by these photos:

It's Kool-Aid again. I am loving how low-commitment Kool-Aid color is. After I dyed my hair, I went on Romwe and started lusting over all sorts of items that I think will accompany my green hair well. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to buy any new clothing until my apartment is finished. I have been working on it since January, and all that's left now is buying new wardrobes and sorting my clothing. However, it's fun to dream! All of these items are around $30 or less (some go up to around $35...)

I really like the idea of contrasting the lime green hair with more understated or overtly feminine pieces. I wish I owned more neutral colors to balance it out -- I'm loving the simple cut-out nude shirt for that reason. On the flipside, ornate girly or patterned bohemian pieces seem like they would go well in kind of a funny way with the lime, so I like the lace and floral and paisley quite a bit, too. 

It's no secret that Romwe does a HUGE blogger push. "Big" bloggers get a monthly stipend to spend on Romwe goodies. Sometimes I wonder how it can be profitable for them! They are very nice people, and I actually feel guilty because most months I forget to spend my Romwe bucks (not sure why...I honestly do love a lot of stuff on their website), and then when I do order things, it takes me forever to post them. What can I say? I have to wait for the right mood to strike, you know? Anyway, if you ever want to update a vintage wardrobe with some affordable newer trend items, I would very honestly and sincerely recommend Romwe and Chicwish, simply for their selection and for the aforementioned fact that they are just very kind people, on the whole. 

I'm excited to post pictures soon with my lime-tastic hair!!! If you don't like it, SHHHHHH, don't tell me. I'm on CLOUD LIME right now. You may, however, judge me for that terrible pun I just made.


  1. ah i cant wait to see your hair! love your leggings in this post!


  2. OH MY THAT FLORAL TOP IS LOVELY! And I can totally imagine how well it would go with your lime hair!!! I can't wait to read your upcoming posts!! I am sure they will be .....sublime ~~

    1. Your style is always so apPEALing! .................oh god I should stop now...

  3. I've actually never been a fan of green hair, but this looks phenomenal! That sweater looks pretty swoon-worthy, too.

  4. super sweater :)


  5. the floral shirt is amazing! i think it will look great with the green hair especially

    KIRA LILLY fashion blog

  6. I love that lime green color I wish I could pull of green but I'm stoked to see you rock it.


  7. Awesome! You hair looks rad-go you.

    xx KIMIE


  8. Lovely!
    Hair looks great and I love your lipstick in the first posts!
    Flower Show

  9. Awesome. Can't wait to see the new hair with a kick ass outfit.

  10. I love your leggings. They are so cool!

  11. Gorgeous *-*/
    outfit and make up just pefect!

  12. Super super awesome outfit!! I really like the boots!! (:
    Can't wait to see the hair in an outfit post!!


  13. Green hair! Thank goodness someone has the cajones to do it!

  14. Love the green hair! Looks great on you. I don't know if I could ever forget to spend a stipend lol. But yes I don't know how they continuously do the blogger thing.

  15. delighted to meet you ^^

    I'm actually dying my hair a light cotton candy pink this weekend if I get time.. I'm so excited and nervous since I'd have to bleach it to the point where it's WHITE.. But I just remind myself that it really is just hair. It doesn't have feelings.. and it does grow back.

  17. ohhh i want to see ur hair soo badllyy in proper photographs!!! love ur cardi btwz :) xxx

  18. Your hair is going to look insane! I can't wait to see it! Plus I hope the puffy face gets better (?) I hardly could tell in the pictures!

  19. you hair looks wickid!
    great outfit! xxxx


  20. Mannn, now you're making me wish this blue would wash the eff out of my hair. I get bored of things way too easily, and I'm totally feeling orange or pink hair right now. Damn!

    That sweater looks SO cozy and adorable. Also I seriously thought your velvet leggings were acid washed black skinny jeans at first, hehe.

    Hey, I get a variation of Puffy Face too -- I call it Hamster Cheeks, mainly because my fat goes to my stomach, and my face. Sometimes my thighs, if it's winter...which it is. Oy. But I digress, it's all good chica! Shit happens, right? You still look awesome, and I didn't even notice any face puffing anyway. ♥

  21. Love your hair!
    And that outfit is amazing!
    You are great,


  22. i love your cardigan!


  23. I love that whilst looking through your pictures, my dad stops and says, "your hair went that colour when you were younger because you swam too much." but then my mum cut it all off, bummer.

  24. The lime green hair is really fun and exciting! n_n

  25. I love that tis is your slouchy outfit! After starting my blog I have come to the realisation that I pretty much never make it past cosy and comfortable