165 - I've Lost All Faith in Humanity, Seriously

Everything is thrifted except for the boots, which are secondhand from eBay, and the jewelry, which is Konstantino & Unearthen

So, here it is: lime green hair debut. I wish I could be more excited about it, but I am at this awful place right now where I feel as though I should just give up on humanity. I'm really glad that people seem to like the video discussions that have been going on, but am deeply disappointed by the number of backhanded blog "compliments" I have received as a part of it. The worst part is that I honestly don't think the commenters realized how rude they were being.

Then, yesterday, a friend posted a link to a designer's Fall collection on her Facebook page, saying that she liked it, and one of her friends (heteronormative male) replied with this:

"Fashion people are the worst people in the world. Worse than rapists and bankers. I doubt any of them have ever had a psychedelic experience in their lives, because if they did they probably would have killed themselves once they go inside their head and realize what a tragedy their existence is."

There is so much wrong with this statement that it depresses me even having to think about it. First of all, it is never okay for anyone to downplay the severity of rape, ever. EVER. You cannot compare anything to rape because few things are as horrific as rape, and for a man to so flippantly equate someone who makes and sells clothing to a rapist is hands-down inappropriate. It dismisses the horror of the atrocity and establishes a precedence that rape is appropriate material about which to joke.

Next, there is the issue that someone might think "fashion people are the worst people in the world." Fashion is an artform like any other. There are many different elements and sides of it. There are fashion critics who make a living off of their opinions. There are fashion designers who make a living off of creating art and inspiring people to take ownership of their preferences to create a movement of people dressing for themselves. There are fashion bloggers who (might) make a living off of inspiring people with their aesthetic tastes. There are knock-off companies who make a living selling designer looks at extremely low prices. There are stylists who make a living putting together key items in an aesthetically-pleasing manner to inspire people with their own manner of dress. There are fashion magazine editors who make a living selling people the new latest looks or trends. There is "mall" fashion which is based off of making someone look sexually appealing or insuring that someone people are "on trend". This is a multifaceted industry, and none of those brackets of the fashion industry are inherently good or evil. Like anything else in life, it comes down to people on an individual or corporate level. Yes, some people in the fashion industry are so absorbed in the profit-making potential that they deliberately instill poor self-image in young women in an effort to make them want to continuously purchase the next big thing. However, that is just some people. Other people in the fashion industry use fashion as a tool to make women feel empowered; they put women in pants, give them pockets, make them feel strong and in control, give them tools to dress loudly and obscure their body to the male eye, give them shapeless floor-length shifts and androgynous silhouettes and black lipstick and still call them beautiful.

You can use fashion to inspire or comment upon social or political issues. You can also use fashion to turn a profit and nothing more. You can also use fashion to stroke your own ego. However, you can do the latter two examples with absolutely anything in the world. Any way in which fashion can be culturally destructive may be applied to any number of things: food production, fine art, writing, politics, media, etc.. Even fine art carries a price tag. The gallery system is also an industry. Art can be Damien Hearst (similar to a celebrity fashion line -- someone throwing heaps of money at something in order to make more money), Thomas Kincade (similar to "mall" fashion -- produced on an assembly line for mass market appeal), Andy Warhol (similar to Phillip Lim or Proenza Schouler -- a trendy media darling who is pushed by industry critics). However, in both art and fashion, you have the creator who is genuinely inspired and wants to share that inspiration with the world to contribute to different ways of viewing and understanding the "self" and the world around the "self".

What fashion offers that these other things do not is this: fashion is a predominantly female-oriented industry. Even a man who engages in fashion is deemed feminine by his peers. Fashion is connotatively feminine, and therein it carries great weight for the feminist. Fashion answers the question, "How do women want to dress?" That is important. Even a heterosexual wealthy white male designer must answer this question if he wishes to be relevant in this industry. It is increasingly a tool for women to choose how they wish to be seen, who they think they are. As women begin to care less and less about how men view them, fashion begins to cater less and less to how men view women, and this is a progression that needs to be seized. This is why things like fashion blogging, which could be deemed frivolous by an outsider, are really so essential to fashion: fashion blogging puts the power back in the hands of the wearer and creates a more directly cyclical system of influence from designer to wearer. They can inspire and be inspired by each other more directly due to the ease of information-sharing that comes with technological development.

Why on earth would someone insist that "fashion people are the worst people in the world"? I fear that this is because of a patriarchal viewpoint. While there are certainly exceptions, fashion still remains very much a female thing in the eyes of many men. A typical heteronormative male can dismiss fashion as "women's work", and therein dismiss women. For anyone who doesn't understand fashion or doesn't care to understand it, it easy to dismiss the power fashion has as a tool for feminist progress. When a woman dismisses the value that fashion has in this manner, I find it personally understandable -- women have been wronged by fashion in the past. However, when a heteronormative man dismisses the value that fashion has, it reeks of blatant sexism, and therein lies the problem.


Okay, I'm not going to talk about "issue-y" things for a while after this. I don't want my blog to get too "preachy", so I try to control the frequency with which I adress these issues. The next few posts will be fun, I promise!


  1. You're so right nothing can compares with rape.
    And fashion people are not just interested in fashion, we/they think about other things. As I say, you're right, I don' need to add nothing.

    By the way, I really like how your hair looks :)

  2. ohh i am IN LOVEEEEE with ur hair its just perfect <3 love ur cardi to hehe

    (open to all)


  3. Your hair is absolutely amazing!

  4. Your hair O.O Gotta love it, suits you really well!

  5. AMAZING hair! *O*


  6. ;___; You are wonderful to address this as calmly as you just did. As a feminist, I sometimes get really frustrated and lock the world out but I don't think that does much good. You really have to interact with problems to solve them. I don't know who that man is but I hope he's heading down a better road.

    Castle Fashion

    PS: Love the new hair :)

  7. may you lend me your hair, please :P
    They are fabulous, really

  8. OMG i'm totally in love with your hair!!! <3

  9. I agree with you on everything you said. I actually enjoy reading/watching your about your opinions on these issues. You're very well spoken and have great points. (:

    I love your hair! So bright and fun. I love how it ties in with the green in your cardigan.

    I hope you have a wonderful day. ^__^


  10. wow thank you! i am so sick of rape jokes. earlier this quarter this girl in my class made one as we were joking about our group activity about hooking up... my face immediately fell from laughing to serious. although i didn't say anything, i wish that i had and have since promised myself if i am in a setting like that again i will speak up.
    next month i begin volunteer work at a battered women's shelter so i have a feeling the rape jokes or anything similar will begin to bother me even more after this experience. nonetheless i am extremely excited that i am going to be helping women (and their children if they have any).

    another shocking thing is how so many men make remarks like that and probably don't even realize they are being misogynistic... because of the patriarchal society we live in it is acceptable and even normal for them not to realize the implications of them comparing rape to a (fashion) culture that is predominantly made up of women and is a way for them to express their female power. belittling something that is important to women by comparing it to something awful that happens to women, at the hands of men (the majority of the time).

  11. I'm far too upset with this man to even comment or process your outfit. That anyone would belittle rape in such a way is down right horrific. As women we have come a really long way in this country but sometimes things like this happen and remind me how far we still have to go. There are so many men that still think that we are inferior to them simply because we are female and thus they try to destroy anything that is female dominated because they feel the need to be dominate over us. In times like these it is more important then ever that we do not compromise our integrity and do not give up! Fashion gives women the power. Power to decide how we will be perceived by the world, we chose to show or hide are body, and we must never let ignorant men like this one take that away from us.



  12. Okay. I am trying to write this without destroying my keyboard.
    I can't even.. Like, explain how infuriated I am by this person's ignorance. What the FUCK.
    I am so angry I can't even comment on your outfit or anything.
    I'll do it next time. Sorry. I don't even want to use the computer right now I'm so FUCKING ANGRY

  13. the hair is amazing, i wish i would be able to pull that off.
    and i also love the cardigan.
    fuck what other people say.

  14. Seriously, that guy needs therapy or something. How on earth can you say fashion people are worse than rapists? WTF?! How can anyone in their right mind give a statement like that?! The only explanation that I have is that this guy has serious mental issues. What a dick.
    I agree with everything you said and I hope you keep posting these things because at least someone with a voice actually talks about these things! The people who don't care won't read the text anyways... which is another thing about this whole blogging business that just bothers me. What can you do...
    I hope you didn't actually lose your faith as I am sure that is just one case of idiocracy amongst many intelligent people!

    I do love your hair though, fierce!


    London Last Night

  15. that guy's a dick. nothing more to say...
    that being said, you look absolutelly stunning, LOVE your hair. and that cardi, well it's just perfection!! xx

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  17. First off...YOUR HAIR. :))))))))

    okay, now that that is out of the way

    "What fashion offers that these other things do not is this: fashion is a predominantly female-oriented industry. Even a man who engages in fashion is deemed feminine by his peers. Fashion is connotatively feminine, and therein it carries great weight for the feminist. Fashion answers the question, "How do women want to dress?" That is important. Even a heterosexual wealthy white male designer must answer this question if he wishes to be relevant in this industry. It is increasingly a tool for women to choose how they wish to be seen, who they think they are. As women begin to care less and less about how men view them, fashion begins to cater less and less to how men view women, and this is a progression that needs to be seized. This is why things like fashion blogging, which could be deemed frivolous by an outsider, are really so essential to fashion: fashion blogging puts the power back in the hands of the wearer and creates a more directly cyclical system of influence from designer to wearer. They can inspire and be inspired by each other more directly due to the ease of information-sharing that comes with technological development."


    Madeline, your words truly inspire me so much. I am so so thankful people like you exist in this world.

  18. That guy's a dick, but I'm sure he was just being ignorant. He's speaking from a point of view where he doesn't really know much, as you said "a heteronormative man" about how it can empower women, all he probably has heard about it are the way it can also emotionally destroy women.

    Right now, I'm kind of feeling an anti-fashion vibe and choosing more to live in my own little clothing world, which I think is okay. As a man or a woman, it is always okay to deny art. Art is always going to be there, and it doesn't have to be accepted to exist. If you enjoy it, then enjoy it. What does it matter who doesn't, anyway?

  19. wow! that's just a m a z i n g hair!

  20. We sometimes also have to be serious. Thank you for this relevant analysis, let me share.

  21. wow. wow. aaaamen. wow.
    I don't know what more to say.
    you are such a wonderful and thoughtful writer Madeline.
    Yes, yes, yes to everything you wrote.
    Thank you.

  22. I think, too, that fashion and being interested in style is often seen as something shallow or self-centered--and that may well be because of the same things you cite here, in that fashion is seen as a thing only women (and gay men) care about, therefore it is unimportant because it's not a White Hetero Man Thing. And that's a really pervasive attitude; I sometimes catch myself feeling like I'm just being prideful or shallow when I try to look good. But you know, I feel good when I look good. And is that a bad thing? Of course not. I also feel good when I feel creative, and fashion is one more way to bring a little spark of creativity into my daily life. And is that a bad thing? Of course not! *sigh*

    Also, the green hair is smokin'!

  23. Your hair is amazing and so are you! You might lose your faith in humanity sometimes, but there is good in this world. There are intelligent, good, wholesome people out there who make life worth living and you are one of those people. You are so eloquent with your thoughts, you have an open heart and mind, and your personality is so unique and beautiful.

    Try to forget about what that guy said (easier said than done). He obviously has no idea what he's talking about and hasn't experienced those things he claims fashion designers are worse than. Like you said, fashion design is another art form, it's a way of expressing ourselves and he doesn't see that. He sees all the negativity with body image it has created and maybe he hates consumerism and associates it with that as well. He probably has some sort of stigma with fashion design based on assumptions, stereotypes, and misunderstandings.

    See what you make me do! You make me think and say these things that I wouldn't have said if it weren't for you. You are good for humanity, you inspire new ideas, creativity, and change. So chin up!

    I'll leave you with my favorite quote. It always makes me feel better when I'm feeling blue:
    "In all things it is better to hope than to despair."

  24. Loving your hair! Such a great lime-y color!

    And you're right, nothing can be compared to rape, especially something like fashion. No offense to the person that made this comment, but to me I think it shows how close minded he is, especially about fashion. Fashion is an art, it is a way for people to express themselves; who cares if money is involved? America is a consumerist society, you can't expect them to try and do anything with no money involved.

    xx maggie

  25. Oh god I am so glad you EXIST!!! I can't count the number of times I've had this argument with hetero men. And I always just end up getting so overwhemled and frustrated and ARGGHHH. Thank you for articulating this so wonderfully. YOU ARE FREAKING GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you. And your hair looks rad.



  26. Your hair is the epitome of perfection!

  27. I hate it when people make idiotic comments like this...
    But I love it when amazing people like you completely rip them apart :) Shows them they can't just go and throw horrible insults around at whoever they like!

    I believe fashion can be very important because it lets you express yourself and show people how beautiful you are through what you choose to wear. Caring about clothes may seem like a trivial thing to do, especially when you think about the fact that some people can barely afford clothes, but it's completely unfair to put down fashion and support other types of art at the same time. Fashion isn't meant to be self-centered, it's an art form just like painting and drawing and acting and dancing and singing.

    Oh and your hair. Your haaaaaaairr!!! Just... wow. I would totally dye my hair zillions of colors if I wasn't so paranoid of chemicals eating it. You are brave... and crazy... and I mean that in the best way possible.

  28. I...I am horrified by that quote you posted, and I'm trying to keep myself calm by reminding myself that I am living proof that every facet of his statment is incredibly and 100% wrong. Even my fiancée, who isn't as into the fashion scene as I am, was incredibly taken aback by that and said just as you did, that anything else in the world can 'culturally destructive'.

    I think that guy just has his own bitchy issues, since he OBVIOUSLY lacks any respect for anyone who likes something that he doesn't, or disagrees with anything he thinks, says, or does. People like that seem to enjoy rustling the feathers of others and generating arguments... So for me, when I see people like that and try to figure out where they're coming from, I end up at the conclusion that they have some issues that they need to resolve. I'm just trying to imagine that guy typing that comment at his computer, and instead I just see him sitting in his chair, kicking his legs and throwing his arms like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

    Also, YOU are living proof that he is wrong, as well as all of the other fashion bloggers we love, and even the ones we don't even know about yet. This is one dude with a warped opinion with very little respect. We need to just leave people like this in the dust, their ignorant speech ignored and unheard.

    Haters gonna hate, man, and it's whatever. If we girls let ourselves get hung up on some jackass remark from a dude that we don't know with a narrow-minded and disrespectful opinion, then he's got the upper hand. He wins. Screw that! Ain't no way some a-hole's gonna make me feel like crap for doing something I love. He's probably just jealous or something, who knows, who cares.

    By the way? OH MY VARIOUS GODS, YOUR HAIR. I can't. I can't. I just can't believe how amazing it looks. It looks like it goes from lemon at your scalp, into lime at the roots. It's freaking gorgeous, and now I'm crazy excited to try out my orange Kool Aid in a few months. (Though if I'm still working at Dunk's, I'll never hear the end of it, since the brand's signature colour duo is pink and orange. Oy.)

    Keep on keepin' on, Madeline. That's what all of us fashion bloggers should do. ♥

    1. Also forgive my mass amount of typing errors. I am derping all over the place tonight.

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  29. You're making me wanna run to the beauty supply store and dunk ma hair in neon colors! It's absolutely stunning!

  30. first off, LOVE your hair!!

    second off, i really do enjoy when you get "preachy"! :) You are so smart, and so insightful! Love reading (or listening to, whichever the case) your thoughts.

  31. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to have the impression that fashion is a purely superficial interest, with no artistic value. For those who aren't completely ignorant on the subject, as that male commenter obviously is, his statement sounds as ridiculous as saying "People who like music are the worst people in the world." I'm not even going to touch on the sentences that followed. Obviously that's disgusting and unacceptable. Someone needs to educate this man.

  32. I recently started reading your blog, and it has been one of the best things I've found on the internet, for real. I love seeing rad individual style, and you've definitely got that, and you're also such an incredibly thoughtful writer. I've learned a lot from reading your blog, and I love that you are so down to express yourself in such depth and with such clarity. Even in your despair at someone's complete ignorance, you are reaching out and inspiring people like me to feel that we're not alone and that we have a strong point of view that will ultimately rise above. Thank you so much for that!

  33. There is so much wrong with all of this post. (not what you wrote, but the guy with the weird fashion people hatred and the backhanded compliments.) As someone who has been publicly blog stalking you for quite some time, I can assure you that you are awesome. Trust me, I choose my SWF victims very carefully. Now I want bright lime green hair, and I've lost my train of thought....

  34. This is something that has been bothering me recently as well. I've had these sort of opinions directed at myself once or twice although not in a way that would compare me to a rapist, that's just beyond unacceptable.

    One of the times that I most remember was that it had come up in a conversation that I had got pretty much the highest grade possible in Business A-Level at college, which this guy was actually studying at university at the time, while I was, myself, studying Fashion Design, and he just says to me "why are you even studying fashion then anyway?" as though to study/be interested in fashion was some sort of indication of a very low level of intelligence? And not to be a dick, but this guy could never even have dreamed of getting the kind of academic achievements I did and there he was judging me for wanting to be part of an industry that, particularly over here in the UK, makes a massive contribution to the country's wealth and overall economy as well as having a considerable reputation for producing design talent whom are successful/revered worldwide, making it one the UK's very few successful exports! I suppose this is often what I tell myself when someone feels the need to belittle my intended career path just because they are much too ignorant to understand why it may be a relevant part of our society. And like you and others have mentioned, fashion is really no different from art, music, sport and any other design discipline, they all have their places in society and should be respected as such. Anyway I think it's good to see that there are many others who feel the same way about the unfair, and frankly unfounded, negative connotations attached to the fashion industry, so thanks for this!

    The hair looks incredible by the way!


  35. YOUR HAIR. oh my dope, its off the charts of awesome.

    as always, thanks for having a blog with wonderfully written, insightful social commentary. and your use of the word 'heteronormative' (which my computer is trying to tell me isn't a word...lame). I really agree with the importance of using fashion to empower, which i think is lost on many an ignorant asshole.

    p.s. my always successful cheer up trick: an episode of arrested development/videos of sea otters

  36. omgggg <3 words cannot xpress how rad you are babe! Shout out to you on my Facebook blog page ;)

  37. SOOO Cool! I wanna go teal so bad with my hair, but I am in a wedding this summer and I pretty sure the bride wouldn't appreciate the look. She already thinks I look weird half the time. Ha Ha. You will have to let us know how quickly it fades. Ugh... the duties of a maid of honor.

    ☮ Lisa Ann

  38. I am in love with your hair! I wish I could pull off something like that.

    On the other hand, I have no idea how someone could feel ok with saying something so horrifying. Some people are just incredibly ignorant, and I wish I could feel sorry for them. But most of the time I can't.

  39. Please don't feel down :( You are amazing and there are always going to be ignorant people like that. I love your blog and your cardigan looks great with the new hair :)

  40. I agree with your rage with this man. But just remember to not let one narrow-minded, rude person get you down. Although there are plenty of people in the world who are low and ignorant and quite frankly just flat out rude, there are (hopefully) just as many amazing, kind, understanding and open minded people too. Although we can not be the ones to decide what other people think, or how other people act, we can decide what kind of people we surround ourself with. Rid your life of the bad! Keep your mind on the good things, and make sure to be nice, even when others aren't. However, I'm not saying to let it go, because it is something that should be taken seriously (what the man said). Stand up for yourself, but remember the positive in life!

    You hair is gorgeous *-*/

  42. I am loving the green hair Madeline! And, a belated thank you very much for linking my post in your post a couple of days ago.

    Now, on a serious note, I really appreciated this post. I have done one on this issue and have thought about it a lot too. This was brought up to me by my boss' wife who is a vegan feminist who told me that the fashion industry was to blame for a lot of bad self esteem in girls. I really don't see how an interest in fashion is any different than a hobby with cars or cooking or growing plants. The only difference, as you say, is that fashion is primarily dominated by women. And, how even if it was viewed as women interested in fashion being too vain, so what? I mean, when is it ok for us to be ok with our bodies and able to prance around and feel good about ourselves? I love this post. Thank you for sharing!

  43. You have a few excellent points here. Also, you have no idea how much I admire you for having the courage to speak up about things like this.

  44. Oh dear, I lose faith in humanity on a daily basis. I'm so cynical, it's not even funny.

    Anyway, someone pathetic enough to compare 'fashion people' to rapists obviously isn't worth taking seriously. The guy obviously doesn't know what the hell he is talking about. I wonder if he even knows any 'fashion people'? FFS, there are horrible 'fashion' people, there are horrible 'sport' people, there are just... PEOPLE. Good and bad. I get so annoyed when people make huge generalisations like that.

    Also, of course, there is nothing amusing or funny about rape. It reminds me of the way a lot of young people just throw the word around these days. Like it's not big deal. Rape *is* a big deal. It's possibly one of the scariest things that could EVER happen to a female. Have you ever watched a rape scene in a movie? I have, and even knowing that it wasn't real, it still made me so uncomfortable and uneasy. So, when people just throw it around, it infuriates me.

    I'm so not done, but I'm going to stop now, because if I carried on, I'd probably create a comment longer than your own post. I like the 'serious' posts btw. But I know what you mean, after I discuss something 'serious' on my blog, I feel pressured to create a post with a lighter topic soon afterwards. I wonder why...

    Lastly, the colour of your hair is nice. It makes me sad about having boring black hair.

  45. What a sick and pig-headed comment. Rape? Seriously?!
    It similarly frustrates me when individuals feel that fashion is frivolous and something which should not be regarded as a prominent industry.
    Madeline, you are living proof that fashion can touch everyone in their own way and how fashion is something which is so much more than clothes and accessories. The facets of the industry are so important to create a diverse society and if someone can't appreciate that, I sincerely sympathize for their lack of open-mindedness and complete ignorance.

  46. Really, really well written. It seems that to the general public, anything to do with indulging in the fashion industry is simply shallow and foolish, when that truly isn't the case. You put into words all the thoughts that I have and you do it so well.

    Personally, I have very little faith in society as well. I'm a realist, and I see every day how pathetic and selfish most humans are. There are the few, though, who make our existence worth it. You seem to be such a caring and intelligent individual and I believe you are (most likely) one of those who make life worth living. If only there were more people with the same morals.

  47. wow such a cool hair!


  48. I really love your boots! you color your hair by yourself ? because there is a beautiful gradation...

  49. you go girl! be happy, cuz' that guys a real idiot in his parables, fashion is in everything, i he really didn't care he would go around naked.
    I get really upset in his choice of words, there is nothin worse than being abused and deprieved of ones body and mind. He should meet a girls who's been trough it. I'm sure he would change his mind. Just be you, love your hair 2

  50. interesting read.

    and you totally pull that hair off. nice!
    i love that you always look so unique and not like the overhyped and way too comercial bloggers out there, You are my fave! :)

  51. I love this hair!!! It's fresh idea, it's life for new days.

  52. That kind of a comment from a guy, anyone, is unacceptable.
    You, have amazing strength to voice your opinion.
    I respect you immensely, for your desire to do that.
    I feel honored to be able to view your blog with your openness, honesty, and candor.

    I Love your hair. It is wonderful.

  53. Hey! I've been reading you for quite some time without leaving any comment but this timas I HAD to.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing (and, hopefully, spreading) your point of view. Those are my thoughts exactly, and I usually feel so lonely when I end up talking about this issue. I'm a feminist, and I think poeple in general should be considered more benevolently. Nonetheless I love fashion (and fabrics, aaaah beautiful fabrics!), and it never felt uncompatible to me. Art, and fashion as a part of it, is a part of society and sometimes a reflection of it. Our society has some issues, but you can't blame art for those...

  54. in my opinion, the person who said that very harsh comment about fashion, doesn't have the slightest idea what fashion is and what it contributes to the society, specifically to women empowerment as you said. sorry for him that he isn't capable to understand or view other things aside from what he's doing :(

    paint it stripes
    check out my blog if you like, New Post is up :)
    thanks much,,,

  55. you are such an amazing person, and I agreed with all that you said here.

  56. Wow. This is amazing. You are truly inspirational not only in terms of fashion but in voicing out one's opinion. Thank you for this Madie! Is there any way I could share this on my facebook page?


    you made me wonder how would i look with hair like yours

    great blog!

  58. I read this post yesterday & was too upset to find words to comment. I wish I could be more like you in the sense that you can channel your anger or disappointment into thoughtful words like this blog post, whereas if I were in a room with an idiot who made a comment like that I'd just knock him the fuck out. I feel like I just wanna say that I strongly agree with everything you've said or with the comments above. But I've literally been thinking about this post since yesterday & I don't think there's anything that gets me more heated up than humanity's ignorance concerning rape. & I think the only thing worse than men making jokes about it are the females who make jokes. I've met so many women with the attitude that if a women is drunk she probably deserves it, or if she's a slut she deserves it, or if the guy raping her was drunk then it wasn't his fault because he didn't know any better.. like, I just can't. I can feel myself getting pissed right now just talking about it.

  59. you are an extremely eloquent and amazing writer. Plus I am in love with your hair!I can't believe the wonders one can do with koolaid.

  60. Such complete and total crap!!! I'm so sorry for that your friend has crappy friends. People are so freaking insensitive. You're a really great writer. And girl. Your hair is GORGEOUS. Love love.


  61. I love you Madeline! I watched your video, you're funny, honest, great writer and I admire your courage to speak your mind. You've inspired me in so many ways.. with your amazing sense of style and your ability to express to your readers. Anyway I love you more and more!

  62. 1. I adore your hair.
    2. I agree completely with everything you said. Those who think that all fashion is frivolous or narcissistic usually have no knowledge of the culture or see fashion as an art form, which it most definitely is.

  63. First of all, I'm IN LOVE with your hair. So perfect.

    I often feel bad about myself because I love fashion so much. I feel guilty for attempting to make a living in the "fashion world" because it seems so unimportant. I could be working in politics or running a non-profit organization. I could be a doctor or a scientist. Instead, I want to be a designer, stylist, and fashion journalist. I HATE that I feel so guilty about it sometimes, because I know how creative, artistic, inspirational, and empowering fashion can be. Fashion itself is so entwined into culture and daily life. For anyone to put it off as frivolous assumes that everyone that has an interest in fashion is only interested in "what's hot" and making snide remarks about something being "so last season." Fashion is only "vapid" when the person talking about it is vapid. And yet I still find myself feeling less important for wanting to write about fashion, for wanting to explore the societal implications of fashion, for wanting to think about fashion at all...

    And then I snap out of it and realize that it doesn't matter if others think it's useless, because I found myself through fashion. It was the only thing that ever made me feel like I could do something. It gave me so much confidence to be able to wear clothes that I liked and present myself to the world.

    I always love your posts! Thanks for being so intelligent and inspirational. :)

    xox Courtney Michele
    Breakfast in Wonderland

  64. your hair is so incredible! i wish i was brave enough to do something like that with my hair. i really want to dye mine a teal colour but im just so scared ill ruin it!

    also i just want to say i think that you are one of the best fashion bloggers in terms of explaining how important fashion is, helping others to understand the industry better and eliminating the misconceptions that so people many have.

  65. you're so amazing!!!!

  66. your hairs is amazing!

    i cant beleive someone would say such a horrible thing. some people are actual sick in the head "/ why cant they just let people live and dress how they want.. grrrr :(


  67. wow doll the lime green hair rocks and people suck the human race is vile sometimes live and let freaking live that is what I go by xoxo

  68. I know people think that people that are into fashion are shallow, but as long as you know the truth about why you do what you do, that's all that matters!

    xo Jennifer


  69. Amen. People that belittle things do so because they do not understand it.
    And you hair looks incredible! Very 90's-grunge-meets-british-punk-meets-bohemian-gypsy. Love it.

  70. Well big thanks for that post! My comment will be probably a lil' longer ( excuse my grammar- I'm still trying to improve my english ).
    First of all it's never okay to try to peg people - whoever they are - as something or how Blake said :To Generalize is to be an Idiot. Often those are bothering about things they don't understand or they don't know...
    And I would like to tell my story and as a consequence my point of view to that theme.
    Already as a child I felt somehow strange and displaced quite different. I didn't know how to express myself and even how to be myself.We found out that I'm highly talented and that didn't made anything easier at all. In elementary school and also in middle school people mobbed me, called me ugly and strange and so on at least I as a twelve year old were seriously thinking about committing suicide. But then discovered fashion somehow. As I got just more and more into it I started to understand its philosophy and I read about special people being free by being their selves. And I started to buy different clothes from different labels. In a little village where gossip spreads very fast it hadn't ever been very easy but it was worth it because I felt for myself comfortable with my taste, my opinions for the first time. It was shocking to see how many people I trusted before became so fake and mean and so full of prejudices. I don't wan't to whitewash anything - I had been an outsider with just some people I could talk to. But now I'll change school and I'm going to live with unbelievable cool people who have pretty a similar taste. I was growing up fast and for sure not everything about that is good because the ability to be childish and naive sometimes is truly a gift in my eyes but therefore I know who I am and what I want to achive and what I like. Just because I met people who didn't fear to be themselves and to try something weird and new. Fashion is art in my eyes. Something to express and impress. I guess those ones who bother or think of it as something entirely superficial didn't understood the meaning. I also think that nowadays the most models are less dumb and fake then the majority of stars but thats another talking point.
    I feel like the world is open to me and I feel very well and also a little more well about myself.I'm sixteen now I think about starting a blog or anything alike.So please don't ever condemn people who are interested in fashion.