Interlude - An Interview! An Illustration!

One Ms. Jessica D drew this fine illustration of me, as well as a great illustration each of Severine from Clothed Chameleon, Annie from Ancho Poncho, Ashley of Five Hundred Daze (Fresno, represent!), Autilia of Autilia's Blog, Annabelle of So Please Observe, and Matt of Buckets and Spades.

I realized that I told her about a funny little process I have of organizing my clothing, which I have probably never shared with you:

"I have a really bizarre way of getting dressed. Because I have so much clothing, I have
a systematic way of making sure that everything in my closet gets worn. Once every other
month or so, I go through all of my clothing and match it all up into outfits. Then, the outfits
are filed away in my closet together, so when I get dressed in the morning, I just have to
choose for which look I am in the mood. Any garment that doesn’t end up “matched” goes
into a special group of clothing that is considered for donation. As a result of this pairing
process, a lot of unexpected things end up going together. For example, I might end up
with three sets of bottoms and three tops that didn’t easily match with anything else, but I’ll
force them into outfits anyway because I want them in the 'rotation' so to speak."

Check it all out here on Fashion Me a Smile!