181 - Godzilla Smashing a Guitar into an Arena Concert, Presumably Where Van Halen is Playing

Shirt - Vintage, Shorts - DIY, Bag - Military Surplus, Boots - Steve Madden, Jewelry - All Over

My favorite vintage rock tees are always Van Halen. Did they just have one kickass graphics dude who handled all of their tee shirt designs? Was it, like, a lesser-known Van Halen half-cousin who just hung around a lot wanting to be close to the band?

I mean, I consider myself to be a fairly creative person, but the best with which I could come up on the Van Halen tee shirt design front are as follows:

*a shirt that says "teacher wants to see me after school" in big bold letters
*a set of couples shirts to be worn at the same time while working out, one reading "runnin'", the other reading "the devil"
*a shirt that has fake tear stains coming down around the collar and a name tag on it reading "Jamie"
*a picture of that dancing burger man from "Better Off Dead" and above it, it just reads "Want some?"
*a picture of a van, then underneath it just says HALEN
*a picture of a van made out of clouds with hail coming out of them
*a picture of a van driving through hail
*a map of Central and South America with a van driving through hail over the Panama Canal

I never would have thought to make Godzilla smash an electric guitar on an arena filled with Van Halen fans. It just goes to show that you can't compete with genius.