182 - An Adamant Love for Adam Ant

Adam Ant Shirt - vintage (boyfriend's), Flannel - vintage, Skirt - vintage

This is my boyfriend's awesome Adam Ant shirt. It is SO GOOD. Even Luna Dog thought so. She's all like, "Oh hey, let me touch that shirt!" And I'm like, "Whaaaaat?"

Here is a great Adam Ant song:

In other news, who else is loving grungy florals?

That's a rhetorical question, since I stopped adding the comment ability on ye ol' blog. Why, you might ask? Because it seems strange to let people shower you in accolades. YES, THROW YOUR LOVE UPON ME, INTERWEBZ. GIVE ME THE SMILEZ. 

I hope none of you follow suit, though, because I quite like commenting on your blogs. Hypocrite much? Indeeeeeeeeeeeeeed.

Back to the grungy florals, here is some great inspiration. Click the image to go to the source.