183 - Stares & Stripes, An Ode to the Summer Sweater

Sweater - c/o Romwe, Shorts - vintage DIY cut-offs, Boots - c/o Romwe, Accessories - Vintage

Oh, hi! I definitely saw you there, you know, because I'm just standing here staring awkwardly. Stares and stripes.

Where might this glamorous location be? Why, my building's parking garage, of course. Oooh...ahhh. Are those oil stains on the concrete? Perhaps. Tres fashionable, I know. This is some high-end chic stuff happening here, my friends.

So, I've dubbed these loose lightweight open-knit pullovers "The Summer Sweater". It's just the perfect throw-on piece to go over a tank top and shorts for chilly nights or windy moments on summer days. Here are some examples I like of other ladies doin' 'em major justice:

Click the image to check out the source! 

I hope y'all have a pleasant weekend and whatnot. I'll be at the Tunnel Vision studio all weekend, as we're shooting new product for next Friday. We're getting on a schedule: new product goes up on the 1st Friday of every month and new items are added to the sale section on the 3rd Friday of every month. That means lots o' work for us ladies. I hope you guys appreciate it when it's ready! Updating the shop is a bit like givin' birth every month, I tell ya...