188 - Vanessa Mooney

AMAZING JEWELRY - c/o Vanessa Mooney, Cuff - c/o JFR, Sunglasses and Shoes - Santee Alley, Cardigan - Betsey Johnson, Shorts - vintage Levi's, Bag - military surplus

I HIGHLY recommend checking out Vanessa Mooney jewelry. It just...whoa. Like, seriously, whoa. It's all so amazing. Here are some of my favorites, besides the awesome pieces I'm wearing (spike necklace, bottle necklace, spike earrings, cuff ring, dangling bracelet):

Jewelry is the one thing on which I allow myself to splurge. I hate wearing cheap jewelry (I know, that sentence just reeks of privilege). I'll even save up for a really long time, though, to get a piece of jewelry I truly love, simply because I view it as collecting artwork. It's so timeless; I still have my great grandmother's jewelry, both as an element of fashion and as a keepsake.