189 - Eclipse Day!

Eyeball necklace and ring: c/o Glow Worm, Dress: some random street bazar/shop/thing in Santa Barbara, Boots: thrift store, Cuff: c/o JFR, Longest necklace: c/o Vanessa Mooney, Other jewelry: random, Overshirt: vintage

On Sunday, there was a crescent eclipse. Brit, Taylor, Tessa, and I drove out to Venice Beach to watch it from the sand. The whole time we were on the beach, we looked like this:

We were all on our phones trying to take pictures of the eclipse. We probably looked like total morons, but it was so unbelievably beautiful. Brit took these photos on her real camera:

Look at it! That's the sun, with the moon passing in front of it, makin' it look like a giant crescent moon in the middle of the day. It was so crazy beautiful, and Brit did an amazing job of grabbing some stellar photos.

I'm too braindead to be charming or witty today. Instead, I'm going to hurl an Etsy store at you and hope you go to check it out. So, you know all of this eyeball schtuff that's been goin' around lately? It all started with the Evil Eye trend. Now, this rad lady who runs Glow Worm Shop on Etsy has translated the trend into handmade jewelry using fake eyes and it is all reeeeeally cool and really affordable, too. Give her shop a look-see! Support small and women-owned businesses.