Interlude - Extra 50% Off Sale Items on Tunnel Vision Today!

All dis stuff and more is under $30 today only, yo, with the discount code "comesaleaway". Help us clear out for June product. We're runnin' outta hangers! Click the picture to go to the item.

Also, I'm personally really bummed that the following pieces haven't sold yet!

I have two daishikis (they are friggin' GORGEOUS) and I love them to pieces. When I wore one on my blog...

...it got like 10,000 notes on Tumblr and 2,500 hypes on Lookbook! So, I was all, "Sweet!" And then I bought three for the store and assured Brit that people liked them and they would sell.

Umm, yeah. Nobody bought them.

So, basically, I'm asking you to buy one and simultaneously be awesomely-dressed for summer and also...you know...help restore Brit's faith in me.

Alright, I'm done tryin' to used-car-salesman you to pieces. I'm going to put up an outfit post later today, so stay tuned!