192 - A Hard Day's Night

Shirt - c/o Tuco, Shorts - DIY, Eyeball Ring & Necklace - c/o Glow Worm Shop, Belt & Other Jewelry - Vintage and All O'er the Place, Shoes - secondhand Anarchics via eBay

Do I look like I'm one step from death in these photos? The palor plus the vacant expression says it all. These photos were taken after a Tunnel Vision product shoot, and those things can be grueling. We were all about to fall over at the end, but I love this Tuco shirt and really wanted to post it on my blog, so Brit snapped like five photos for me. My eyes were actually closed in the other two. I had somehow managed to fall asleep vertically. This shirt is freaking cool. "Skal" means "Cheers" in Scandinavia. Skal, skull, get it? I get it. I see what you did there. Remember when I wore the "Don't Go Chasin' Waterfalls" shirt? That was Tuco, too. Tuco is a one-woman show run by a friend-of-a-friend of mine named Jenny. She is clever, clever, clever.

Jenny is rad. Go buy one of her equally rad t-shirts, please!

I SAID BUY A T-SHIRT (picture me saying that in a scary monster voice).

More specifically, BUY THIS T-SHIRT, because I like it a lot and stuff:

Look! That's our friend Casey! Yay!
Click on the picture to see that beaut on the webshop.

Do you feel adequately coerced? NO? Oh, good, because I want to similarly attempt to coerce you into buying jewelry from a rad little lady who runs a one-woman show on Etsy called Glow Worm. Remember when I talked about them last?


Look at all of the power you have as a consumer! Everyone so desperately wants your attention and dollahhhhz. Y'all makin' small businesses' days when you buy their schtuff.