195 - Space-Age Spice

Top - c/o Motel Rocks, Skirt - American Apparel, Shoes - c/o Romwe, Necklace - Melrose Trading Post

Every time I wear this choker, I feel vaguely space-age. That, along with the miniskirt and the ponytail, made me feel a lot like the missing Spice Girl. Oh, also, SHOES OF WHICH CHER FROM CLUELESS WOULD BE PROUD! I finally found them! Those of you who follow my Twitter know that this was a long pursuit. Romwe, dude. They pull through.

So, basically, this is my "Every Possible Element of 90s Girl Culture" outfit.

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want. Cher, I don't wanna do this no more. And my buns? They don't feel nothin' like steel.