196 - Oh, Hell Yeah: Lovelysally Horse Leggings.

Vest - Vintage (boyfriend's), Tank Top - Vintage, Shoes - Santee Alley, Choker - eBay, Cuff - c/o JFR, Spike Pendulum Ring - Unearthen, Other Jewelry - assorted, Lipstick - "Wine Not" by Revlon, Leggings - c/o Lovelysally

I saw these leggings on Lookbook a couple of weeks ago and died. I just screamed "NO" at my computer and oogled them for quite a while. Imagine my delight when Lovelysally contacted me about working together!

I'll tell you something that most bloggers won't: once your blog gets past a certain size, blogging can be a thankless task. Between the social stigma that brands you as vapid and a small-but-vocal spiteful hell-audience constantly looking for reasons to hate you, blogging can end up being a trial through which you work rather than its own reward.

While there is a core great group of people who view blogging for what it is (a democratic and feminist approach to growing and conveying identity through aesthetics) and foster a positive and rewarding community, it is not otherwise that profitable (unless you add another 0 onto my follower count). As a result of this, we choose our apparel sponsors carefully. We don't get anything out of it other than the joy of wearing the garment on our blogs to share with you all, so that garment had better bring us some serious joy; otherwise, it's just taking up space in our closet and giving us anxiety about posting deadlines. These silly horse leggings from Lovelysally bring me some serious joy, let me tell you. I am thrilled to be able to show you all these funny awesome rad little buddies, and I sincerely hope, for both you and for the kind people over at Lovelysally, that you consider checking out their online store, which is full of unique statement treasures:

For a bit of inspiration, it might also interest you to see how the Lookbook community has styled Lovelysally leggings here