Oh, hi. Did you see my boots? Because here they are, just being the most perfect boots in the world. You know, doing awesome boot-like things. I actually have not taken them off since Solestruck sent them to me. I've been wearing them every single day. I'm surprised I haven't tried sleeping in them, really.

You guys all know by now that I'm...umm...hmm...what's the word...a cheapskate. Right. However, then something happens like Solestruck sends me a pair of $250 TBA boots and I put them on and I realize that being cheap isn't always the same thing as being smart. Like, I LOVE these boots so much more than I love 99% of my closet, and yeah, they might be $250, but I'm an idiot for not investing in pieces that I love. I mean, I'll wear these nearly every day for years to follow, and that's a lot more practical and cost-effective than buying 10 pairs of crummy $25 shoes that will only last me a couple of months before they fall to pieces. When I look at closets I covet, like Taylor's, I realize that this is the way people with kickass wardrobes shop: invest in nicer pieces and supplement with occasional vintage treasures. This thought process might not be new to you guys, but it's pretty revolutionary to me. I'm one of those people who only shops cheap, but shops in bulk quantity. I'd really like to break myself of that habit.

But don't get me wrong, you can still get awesome shiz on a budget. These Romwe leggings blow my freakin' mind, and their leggings are totally affordable.

Okay, I'm just processing out loud here, but I think I've found my new apparel rules:
  • Shop budget-savvy for clothing (because clothing comes in and out of style very quickly) and trend accessories.
  • Invest in staple jewelry, shoes, and outerwear (avoiding spending real money on "it" trend items); if you buy it the right way, these things will become wardrobe classics that will last you forever.
  • Wear something vintage in every outfit.

Let it be law in my closet henceforth!