199 - Piano Fringe Metal Man

Brit took these photos for me yesterday after a long day of product shots with the fantastic Whitney Moore. I for some reason got it in my head that I needed to play dress-up with the Tunnel Vision stock, and she was very nice and indulged me. I am absolutely in love with this outfit. Putting it on made me realize that since starting Tunnel Vision, I have been neglecting to purchase enough special vintage pieces for me; they've all been going into the shop and now I'm dreadfully jealous of our stock. This is how I want to dress every day! Ugh. Everything pales in comparison. I think I'm just going to start playing dress-up with TV stuff a lot more so I can at least have my blog serve as a strange fantasy land in which I can pretend like I get to traipse around town dressed in maximum radness.

Anyway, this dress and this cardigan are currently for sale. The Docs will be listed next Friday, along with a lot of other cool stuff.

The hat is something magical I picked up from a vintage store in Portland, Oregon that belongs to my boyfriend's old bandmate and his fiance. They also have an online shop full of outSTANDING vintage tee shirts and jackets and the like. You can check out their vintage stock here.

Vintage, vintage, vintage. Blah, blah, blah. My boyfriend just busted out the acoustic guitar and started playing old Beatles songs, so that's my cue to stop rambling.