202 - California, Here We Come

I think I've just given up any attempt at normalcy with my aesthetic choices. Like, if I had ditched the hat and jacket and opted for platforms instead, this outfit would have been kinda quirky, but still "cute" or whatever. Instead, I opted to up the crazy. You might as well have fun with your aesthetic choices, amiright.

This is all Tunnel Vision stock. It should be listed this upcoming Friday. Woohoo!

Tonight, my good friend is having a birthday party that's all 90s themed, costumes encouraged. I wanted to be Gwen Stefani (obvious), but I didn't have track pants, so it looks like I'll be Garth instead.


EDIT: My boyfriend and I decided to go as Bill & Ted from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (despite me pointing out to him that the movie was actually released in 1989). So...