Interlude - Fuck Yeah, Fuck Yeah Fest!

Here are my picks for FYF, my favorite music festival o' them all. Yeah, that's right, I circled some straight-up hardcore (Refused, American Nightmare, Converge, Ceremony). Anyway, now you all can see just how schizophrenic my music taste is. By far, though, standouts for me are:


Shout-out to these rad SoCal local acts:

The Growlers
The Soft Pack
White Arrows

Also, fun fact: AA Bondy used to be the brains behind Verbena. That's a little late-90s-to-now trivia for you. Let's all listen to "Depression Is a Fashion" by Verbena now, circa 1999.

Man, 13-year old Madeline freaking LOVED Verbena. 13-year old Madeline also loved wearing bowling shoes to school, though, and wearing candy jewelry as though it were actual jewelry.