Interlude - Pretty Much In Love: Annabel Wendt

Guys, there are, like, a LOT of fashion bloggers out there. I mean, I stumble across blogs every day that have thousands of followers, but are new to me. When I first stumbled across Aussie babe Annabel's blog Love More (with over 2400 followers and still growin') earlier this year, I was just like, "Okay, WTF. How did I not know about her before?" Her style is everything I think we've all been loving lately: 1970s bohemia meets 1990s grunge. She blends the two so effortlessly, and I imagine that the end result is what would happen if Brit and I had a lovechild.

Annabel, come visit us in Los Angeles. Just be forewarned that when I'm really fond of the way someone looks, I try to touch their hair a lot. Brit can attest to that.