207 - For Those About to Rock

Cardigan - Vintage (boyfriend's), AC/DC Shirt - Secondhand from eBay cut into a tank top, Shorts - the company that shall not be named because I do not feel comfortable promoting it any longer, Shoes - Vintage, Turquoise Bracelet and Necklace - c/o Vanessa Mooney, Three-Stone Carnelian Turquoise Tiger's Eye Ring - c/o Madlady

If you've ever wondered what I look like when I'm totally exhausted beyond belief, it's this. Vaguely dazed, eyes glazed-over, trying to smile for a picture. AWKWARD.

So, anyway, y'all heard about Daniel Tosh yesterday, right? Dude was at the Laugh Factory telling rape jokes and was all like, "Rape jokes are always funny!" (<---don't agree) and a lady in the audience replied, "Actually, rape jokes are never funny!" (<--- usually agree unless it's under extremely rare and unique magical unicorn circumstances that don't inherently condone the oppression and social control of women) and then he said that it would be funny if she were gang-raped by the audience right then and there (<--- WTF DANIEL TOSH, DON'T AGREE). And then, she left and her friend put the story on Tumblr, and then Daniel Tosh gave a half non-apology, and then 99% of the internet was outraged and 1% of the internet actually tried to defend Daniel Tosh, including other comedians who referred to the woman opposing misogyny as a "heckler" (because apparently some people think that attacking a comedian for no reason and defending yourself as a woman against institutional misogyny are the same thing...), and then Xeni Jardin from Boingboing posted about it and male Boingboing readers said SHE should be raped for caring, and then Tosh.0 came on and Comedy Central acted like nothing was wrong and nobody really talked about it again after that, and then that night at dinner a gay male friend of mine managed to make a rape joke that actually WAS somehow funny (and actually not offensive because it wasn't glorifying the rape of women for comedic value, but was more self-referential and meta and was therefor that extreme magical unicorn rape joke that more made fun of society's messed-up relationship with rape) and I realized that maybe it's just that Daniel Tosh is just an unfunny douchewad who doesn't understand the difference between comedy (which is really a very nuanced and tricky thing to do well) and advocating sexual violence upon a woman (the former of which he did not do, the latter of which he definitely DID do when he advocated that a woman get raped for not thinking that rape jokes were funny).

You can check out the original Tumblr tale here: 

Then, you can probably google "Daniel Tosh rape" and a ton of stuff will come up.

WTF does this have to do with my fashion blog? Nothing, really, I guess, but I think that fashion is an excellent way for women to redefine their aesthetic in terms of what pleases them rather than what pleases patriarchy and men individually, so it's all tied up in feminism, anyway, so maybe it is vaguely pertinent. I don't know. What I do know is that I'm tired of people thinking "feminism" is a dirty word. 

News flash, dudez, if you think that women deserve to be given equal consideration and respect and merit to men, you're a feminist. 

If you like being able to wear shorts and skimpy dresses and would like to be able to do so without men thinking they have the right to then inflict sexual aggression on you because you're "asking for it", you're a feminist. 

If you love fashion, you are a feminist.

Attend a group to deal with your subsequent self-loathing or something because it's not cool or ironic or whatever, but at least come to terms with it, okay? 

Also, don't laugh along with dudes when they talk about how awesome it is to oppress you with sexual violence. Just...what? No, bros, no. There's no irony in that, only pathetic desperation.