208 - Tell me about it, stud.

Was anyone else obsessed with the movie Grease as a kid? Frenchie was pretty much my aesthetic role model (a beautiful blonde pineapple!), and Rizzo was my role model in terms of general bad-assery. Also, I always liked that they transformed Sandy at the end using the power of fashion. Behold! The lame-oid is now a worthwhile cast member in the final five seconds of the film, all thanks to black clothes and red shoes. Oh, and cigarettes. You can't forget the cigarettes.

True story, only vaguely related: I've only tried to smoke a cigarette once. It was during a punk show at the age of, like, 13. I took one puff and doubled over on to the floor coughing profusely, then saved face by denouncing tobacco companies as being part of the government's corporate agenda trying to poison people into submission -- "not cool, man".  PUNK, LOLZ.

"I guess when all was said and done, I was nothing more than a god-damned trendy-ass poser."

I don't know how this post ended up being about Grease, cigarettes, and SLC Punk. Thank you for sticking through it. It's a true testimony to your patience and grace.