Interlude - Awesome Shoes $20 or Less

So, you guys know that I have a sick addiction to Wholesale-Dress.Net, right? Like, remember last year when I started using it as a verb and saying that I was "wholesale-dress.netting" all night? For those of you unfamiliar, it's a Chinese company who basically wholesales cheap stuff to retailers who sell it for marginally more, but still in the general market of cheap stuff. They have their own factory and seem to be not-too-shady on the labor front, remarkably enough, so I don't feel too guilty perusing their, like, hundreds of thousands of bizarre-o items once in a while. Don't get me wrong -- 99% of it is, in my opinion, absurdly perplexing and totally unwearable. However, it's a lot like thrifting. You hunt for the gem!

My favorite thing to hunt for on wholesale-dress.net is shoes. Most of their shoes are under $20 and really freakin' cool. I've ordered four pairs of shoes from them in the past and they have all held up surprisingly well! I know, it's a shock. 

I was wholesale-dress.netting the other night and found SO MUCH GOOD SCHTUFF. Then I remembered that I'm on this stupid plan to be debt free by this time next year, so I'm only allowed to spend $10/day. I clawed at my computer screen and silently muttered, "But...want..." Then I decided, screw it, I'll just share my shoe wish list with you guys. Maybe you'll buy the shoes, and then I'll somehow feel vicariously fulfilled or something.

Without further adieu, here are 15 pairs of badass shoes $20 or less from that bizarre website (click on the photo to go to the item on the webshop):

I don't know, dudez. What is my life all about, I mean, really?

EDIT: Effing geez, I sound like a freaking ad for that website. Sorry guys...totally not an ad...legitimately from the OCD caverns of my brain.