217 - Hippie Pants

Shirt & Pants - Hattie's Vintage in Portland, Sandals - like ten years old...dunno..., Bra - American Apparel, Bag - c/o Stela 9, Necklace - c/o Vanessa Mooney

It's been ridiculously hot in LA...like, face melting off, skin stuck to the couch, can't process thoughts hot. This was a breezy outfit I threw on to go see a movie with my friend Ceilidh. I'm absolutely in love with everything I'm wearing here. The pants are fantastic (my boyfriend calls them "hippie pants") and so insanely comfortable.

The bag was a gift from Stela 9. I encourage you to check Stela 9 out! They have BEAUTIFUL bags, and everything is sustainably and ethically produced.