224 - Whoa, whoa, whoa, she's a lady.

I feel like this is a 1950s explorer outfit or something. The shirt is from Olive Clothing, an awesome website who was kind enough to send me a package full o' love. The shorts are One Teaspoon from Dolls Kill. You probably already know about Dolls Kill, right? It's a woman-owned small business that sells your staple hot brands. They emailed me about featuring a pair of One Teaspoon shorts on this here blog because they wanted y'all to know about their One Teaspoon assortment, which, let me tell ya, is extensive and well curated. I only ever see One Teaspoon denim shorts, which I've tried out, but just don't quite work for me on the side-thigh area...I kinda feel like I'm wearing a diaper in them because of how they are cut. I had no idea, honestly, that they made more than just denim shorts. These corduroy sailor shorts are freaking awesome, as are all of their leather shorts (gimme, gimme). When Brit and I went out the the desert to style the forthcoming Kill City lookbook, I wore these shorts almost every day. They are an awesome alternative to denim shorts which, as y'all know, I have a tendency to get stuck in. So anyway, you'll probably see me wear these a lot in the near future. NOT SORRY.

Also, I went to FYF this weekend. I already said this on Twitter, but some of y'all approached me and told me you read my blog and that was really awesome and made my heart go all "squee", but I was also on a psychedelic drug cocktail, so if I seemed out of it or you noticed that my pupils were the size of quarters, that's why. NOT SORRY.

But thank you, seriously, for caring enough to keep checking my stupid little blog and stuff.

Now I'm off to a house party/backyard show at Brit's house. BRIT, UPDATE YOUR MOTHERFUCKING BLOG.