226 - Sweet Lord O-Mighty!

Everything but the shirt - Vintage, Shirt - TISA c/o O-Mighty

What's up dudez. I really like this company called O-Mighty right now. I highly recommend checking them out! I mean, fuck. They have this on their website:


Here's some shit from O-Mighty that I especially like:

Click on the image to shop the piece! All prices in SGD, use the Google converter here!

Life has been rad lately. Basically, it's been a lot of hanging out with Brit, Isabel, Casey, Rachel, Sabella, and Seaghna, talking about how awesome everyone and everything is. I wish Selena would just move up here already! One time is not enough hang out time, Selena! Also, we shot the September Tunnel Vision lookbook last weekend, with the insanely-talented Blake photographing. Evidence via Instagram (@shoptunnelvision):

Being surrounded by a positive community of smart badass women does wonders for the soul, especially given how eager society is to encourage women to hate each other in some bizarre pursuit of male attention. For all of you who fall into the 13-17 year old demographic, there's a moral in this story. If you find yourself intimidated by someone who's hot and badass and smart and talented and stuff, don't get jealous. Get friendly.

Brit, Isabel, Casey, Rachel, Sea, Sabella, and Selena: I LOVE YOU LIKE DRUGZ.

Blake, I think the word "love" would make you uncomfortable, so I Cat You.