234 - (Un)Layering Games

Vest - Vintage, Boots - Secondhand Steve Madden, Jeans - Kill City, Bra - Lip Service Cult, Shirt - O-Mighty

1. There are a lot of pictures here. I'm sorry. Brit is a great photographer and I am really indecisive, so I couldn't narrow them down.

2. I am wearing low-rise pants and I don't even hate them. In fact, I kinda love them. THIS IS THE EFFECT KILL CITY HAS ON ME. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON WITH LIFE ANYMORE.

3. I'm half-naked. This is as close to the real life Madeline experience as you will get, probably, since I tend to be half naked most of the time IRL. If I were holding licorice and Mt. Dew, you'd really get an honest glimpse of me in my full glory. IT IS GLORIOUS, I TELL YOU.

4. This whole look kinda screams Hallie to me. Hallie, I hope that doesn't insult you in some weird way. You know how when people are like, "This is SOOOOO you!" and you're like shaking your head and backing away from whatever the "sooooo you" thing is, internally screaming "WTF NO, HOW DO YOU THINK THAT IS SO ME?!" Maybe I'm that thing to Hallie right now.