237 - Bright as Yellow

Dress - c/o Crash & Burn Apparel, Necklace - c/o Vanessa Mooney, Cuff - c/o JFR, Sunglasses - I Forget...,  Everything Else - Vintage

These photos were taken at the beach over the weekend with Isabel and Brit on a trip to Orange County (not a place we typically visit, to say the least). The dress is from Crash & Burn, and it's kind of perfect. I feel like dresses are how you cheat at clothes. Just put it on. Poof. Done. Dressed. Out the door.


Can you tell I have absolutely nothing worth saying today? Check out Courtney's blog. She did a great post about feminism and "girl-shaming" here.

Oh, and the post title is from this song by The Innocence Mission:

I feel like I posted this video once before on a blog post about the movie Empire Records. It's a good song. It's worth a double-post.

EDIT: Crash & Burn  is offering y'all 20% off an order! Woohoo! It lasts until 10/31, and you can get at it with the code "JEANGREIGE" at checkout!