239 - A New Western...In Which We All Wear Crop Tops

Last Ring on the Right - c/o Senesense, Vest - c/o 2020 Ave, Boots- Dolce Vita, Everything Else - Thrifted/Flea Market/Random

How freakin' cool is this vest? I feel like these photos look like I'm in a western movie or something, and the vest just makes it a dark and spooky western movie...like Dead Man. Have you ever seen it? It's the Jarmusch western starring Johnny Depp.

If not, you need to get on that on the ASAP.

Also, more fashion-y-related, I said this on Twitter already but 2020 Ave (one o' my sponsors, but whom did not sponsor this post in any way other than sending me the vest) redid their website and it looks REALLY great. I found a lot of cool stuff I liked, so ifns you're in the mood to shop a little for something you just can't find secondhand, go peruse their selection!

Here are some of my personal favorites:

All honest opinions there, folks, not advertising!